Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guest List and Save the Dates, or not?

So over the Holiday weekend, I did manage to get Mr. M's "side" of guests for our guest list. His super sweet sister took on the task for me and worried herself for at least an hour over who should make the list or be cut off forever! Apologies for the dramatics today... It's been a LONG day already... Anyway... Her list came to about 60 people to add to the list. So far, thanks to the wonders that is facebook, I have about 69 people on my list... So that makes for a total of about 129. And that's NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.

Mama Lil really needs to get on it and get me her list, for my side of the family... Then there's the addresses to personal friends that Mr. M and I actually know... Have you noticed how when creating the wedding guest list, people start popping out of the wood work. People the bride and groom may never have met, but are, for some reason or another, important to someone in the family and really need to be invited? That's ok. I've made peace with that. Everyone keeps telling us, the more invites sent, the more presents come back. Is that tacky... Haha, I don't care! I like the logic.

I am one lucky lady in that I work in proximity to a print shop. The entire thing is actually a family owned business and the print shop is a branch of the fam biz that I work under. Anyway, the generous, we'll call him Manager, of the print shop (I'm not sure what his actual title is...) offered to print our wedding invites as their wedding gift to us. I AM SO THRILLED and THANKFUL!!! Do you realize how expensive wedding invitations can become??? Really. So thank you to the big bosses at Kassi's workplace! That really makes my little freak out over the lengthy and becoming lengthier guest list much easier to take!

So... my next task, after completing the guest list first draft, which is obviously still in the works, is to decide whether or not we should send Save the Dates. I LOVE those little magnet ones that you see sometimes... Cause then guests have a memento to keep on their fridge! And who doesn't love another magnet on the fridge!?! AND then I'd have another use for our AMAZING engagement pictures, courtesy of Treehouse Photography... But really, are save the dates neccessary or even just thoughtful, or is that just another ploy to get unsuspecting brides to be to drop some MORE cash?? Any opinions here would be greatly valued!!!

If we do use save the dates, we would get them made at the print shop where I work, however, these are a few of the styles that I adore from  magnetstreet.com! Just in case... :)

I love the flourishes on this one... It's called, Something Blue. If we could get it in bright pink or turquoise, I would really love it.

The turquoise in this one is lovely! And you get to choose TWO pictures! It's called Sweet Love.

This one, named Tying the Knot, fits with our western/roping theme... But they seem the teensiest bit cheesy... :)

Well, let me know what you think? Save the dates or not?? I would LOVE to hear from you!!!

Oh and P.S. I added the picture of the place card holders to yesterday's post. Please go check them out also!!


Alisha said...

I remember the hassle of the guests lists! After all of the people we needed to invite there ended up being about 500! It was insane.

I love the idea of having save the dates and the magnet ones are my favorite too...

Also, if you want to display more of your engagement pictures, I recently went to a wedding where the couple had little picture frames on all the tables with engagement pictures. It was really cute.

Good luck!

morgen said...

we did magnets, designed them ourselves and had them made at office max. almost everyone i know still has it on their fridge. I like receiving that kind of stuff, because you easily have a pic. of your friend/relative. BUT do it cheap! don't spend a lot of money. you can always go small like a business card. ours were postcard size.

my sister in law did the engagement pic on the tables. but they were the way to found your table. each of the place cards had a pic. and you matched it to the bigger picture on the table. very cute idea.

Sara said...

Hi! I just found your blog and I am glad I did, I am following now and looking forward to reading more.

We made our own save the dates ( http://thistleandclovers.blogspot.com/2010/03/its-date.html ) and I am glad that I did. I loved them, sending them out, and hearing back from friends and family.

The *one* thing I would caution is that if your guest list is still in fluctuation, beware of save the dates. It is basically an invitation... once sent it's a done deal. Closer to the wedding, I felt a LOT more comfortable with the idea of eliminating some of those "out of the woodwork" guests, but since the Date had already been saved our guest list was final.

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Ok so far it sounds like 3 votes FOR Save The Dates... I really like the idea too... Like I said. I think I can get some made up pretty cheap here at the print shop... Thanks for the heads up on not being able to "uninvite" anyone that gets a Save the date!

And WELCOME Sara!!! Thanks for following!!

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