Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Bridesmaids

We set the date for our wedding!!! YAY! June 18, 2011. That's 7 months and 1 week from TODAY!!! About 2 weeks ago I had a small panic attack because I realized that it's not that far off and I really feel like I've done nothing. Life has been pretty crazy the last couple months.... So, I decided I'd better get my behind in gear!!!

So far I've chosen my bridesmaids! I ordered these cute little cards online at and mailed them to each of my ladies to ask them "officially" to be a part of my wedding party. I love doing little things like that because I like getting little things like that. My Granny used to always send me little cards for every occasion. Even just to say hi. I learned from her to really appreciate an actual handwritten note in the mail.

For my bridesmaids I've chosen my little sister, Kayli, to be my Maid of Honor. She knows me better than anyone and would make the perfect MOH for my wedding. My bridesmaids are Meghan (bestie and college roommate), Tracey (bestie from my hometown), Charli  (bestie and grad school roommate), Kayce (bestie and GF to Mr M's "most likely" best man) and Megan (bestie and long time college friend). 

I have NO doubt that I have chosen an amazing, super fun group of girls to enjoy this time with. Today Meghan came by my office and brought me some orange Gerber daisies (one of my wedding flowers) and a card thanking me for asking her to be a bridesmaid. MADE my DAY!!! See.... like I said, I LOVE getting and giving nice things like that!

I chose Tessie for my hostess She was also a roommate of mine in college and was on my State FFA officer team. All the wedding magazines I've read say to have a hostess or day of planner. They're supposed to help you stay focused in the wedding planning, greet guests the day of the wedding and sort of direct the overall flow of things so that you (and your family and bridesmaids) aren't so stressed out. Tessie will be PERFECT!!! I can already see her with a clipboard and a to do list, handing out orders! Plus I completely trust her and her judgement.
We're planning a girls trip next weekend to go to a bridal shop and check out some wedding dresses. So far all I've tried on is a couple at a little boutique in Silver with my mom. I know what size I am... sort of... but other than that I'm not exactly sure what I want. I do know I like the a-line dresses. And maybe strapless. But we'll see...

Don't worry, I'm really loving this whole blogging thing, as I'm sure you can tell, so I'll keep you updated! :)


payneful life said...

Kassi I did not know you were a blogger! YAY to blogging. Yay to setting a date. Yay to getting married!

Kassi said...

Thanks Jaci!! I wasn't a blogger until recently... But I really like it! :)

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