Monday, November 29, 2010

Place Cards??

So Thanksgiving FLEW by!!! I spent some time with my family at home over the long weekend AND some time with Mr. M's family. One of his sister-in-laws has been working on some of the cutest little centerpiece additions!!! They're made from wooden blocks, wrapped in denim and then have a little wire sticking out of the top to hold pictures, place cards, etc. Then they're accented with pink bandana material and a turquoise star! They fit my theme perfectly!!! What do you think???

I'm pretty sure we won't be using place cards on our tables... Most of the weddings I've been to just don't... They kind of let you fend for yourself as far as seating goes... I'm thinking maybe we'll do a "Reserved for Bride and Groom's immediate family" or something to that affect on the two or three closest tables to the head table.
Anyone have any suggestions as far as using or not using place cards?? I just feel like they're unneccessary... But if you feel really strongly for or against, I'd love to hear from you!!!

It's almost a shame I'm not that into the idea, because there are some SUPER cute options for place cards out there... Like these using horseshoes...

Here's another GREAT use of horseshoes for place cards, in the bottom picture!

Hmm.... on second thought maybe I will do place cards... Just so I can use the horseshoe ideas... So cute! ;)

I LOVE the little horseshoes holding their name cards in the top left corner!!! And the twine is a nice touch!


Harris Space said...

If you're going to do place cards I would make em. I wouldn't put a lot of money into them. From what I've seen at my own wedding and at friends weddings. there's a reserved table for the wedding party, and the front tables for family but friends and such usually just sit where they want whether it's got their name on the place or not. There are lots of cute ideas and I love the horseshoe idea too though!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

That's pretty much what I was thinking. I don't think we'll even use them! I've NEVER been to a wedding where they were used before! But these ideas are super cute!

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