Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wedding Recaps - The Cake

Remember me telling you about how my mom's friend offered to make our cakes for our wedding gift?
And how we'd met for lunch and I'd shared my cake inspiration with her?
Well... she did a better job on our wedding cakes than I could ever have imagined!!!
They were perfect for us!

The wedding cake. 
It was hot in the clubhouse and some of the daisies "wilted" a little. 

{Cherished cake topper purchased here.}

Mr. M's groom's cake. 
I so love that topper!!! It's a decoration in our kitchen now! 

{Roping topper purchased here.}

She also made an extra sheet cake, to be sure to have enough cake for everyone using our engagement picture replicating our Cherished cake topper (above). 

LOVE the barbwire around the edges of the cakes! :) 
And all the little details she added really. Thanks so much Lynda!!! 

Mr. M and I cutting the cake. 

This was right before Mr. M takes a piece... 
Smells it, then tells me, "This smells funny."
I just laughed it off, but he acted like he was serious and kept saying it...
You know where this is going right?
So I fell for it... I "smelled" the cake... and had it shoved in my FACE! hahahaha!!!
But I got him back! 

That one cracks me up... 
See Taylor in the background snapping away with one of the disposable cameras from the tables?? 
Too funny. 
{Purchased disposable cameras from here.}

And the cake aftermath... hahaha. 

:) What about you?? 
Did you or do you plan on the whole cake in the face thing?
We didn't plan on it... It just happened. :)
But it was fun!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wedding Recaps - Toasts

Hello dolls!!! 
Happy Monday! I hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend!!!
Now... Where were we??
Oh yes... The bridal party made our grand entrance into the reception and took our seats at the head table. 

The head table, with a few stragglers.... :)
By this time our guests had started to eat dinner and quiet down....
which was the perfect time for toasts! 

Funny story: 
So... know how its traditional for the groom's best man and the maid of honor to give the toasts?
Not our best man. Dusty isn't a public speaker. 
He begged and pleaded with Mr. M to not ask him to give the toast... 
In fact, I don't doubt that he would've just disappeared if Mr. M had asked him. It's just not his thing. 
And that's ok. :) We had the PERFECT replacement. 

Mr. M's sister, Stephanie. 

The only girl with three younger brothers, she was more than up for the challenge. :)
She began with a tease toward Dusty about how he was Mr. M's perfect best friend.
He can drink beer. 
He can team rope. 
But he can't speak in public, so that's where she came in. :)

Well all laughed and Dusty blushed as Steph called him out on not giving the toast. haha. 
She told stories of Mr. M when he was little... 
How he was the youngest of the four and she had so hoped to have a sister... 

How if he was a girl, his name was to be Kassandra. 
Kassi for short. No kidding! It really was!! 
But then how everyone, especially his new wife (me!) was so glad he'd been born a boy. 
It was the perfect toast for Mr. M. :)

 Then it was Kayli's turn. My sister. My maid of honor. 
And do you know what she did... 
She said she would like to take this opportunity to make a toast. 
She pulled a toaster from under the table. And made. a. toast. 

LOVE the look on her face!!! She was quite pleased with herself! hahaha
It was hilarious. Had the whole room laughing. ;)
While her toast was toasting she did say a few words though... 

She said a few sweet things about having me as her sister... 
And how she was excited to have a new brother that teased her and loved her like the two she already has. 
At that point... I nearly cried. Didn't shed a tear all day.... and almost cried listening to my sweet little sister. 
:) Love that girl. Love you Kayli. 

Up next... the cake! :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wedding Recaps - Reception Entrance

Wow! I haven't shared a wedding recap in several days!!!
Over a week!!! 
Sorry about that... 
Let's just say I didn't have the CD with the pictures on it... 
And copying and pasting from Facebook takes WAY too much time... haha. 

After our lovely wedding ceremony... And some random group shots...

It was time to enter our reception! 
We lined up at a side door into the clubhouse and waited for Miss Tessie to announce each couple...

Cole and Charli

Victor and Megan

Brent and Kayce

Kenny and Meghan Jo

Dusty and Kayli

Mr. and Mrs. M!!!
For some reason, there wasn't a picture of Brett and Tracey... 
Maybe because we all kinda popped in and pretty much ran to our table... 
it was all Karen (our photographer) could do to get these! haha. 

Once we sat down, it was time for dinner and toasts! 
Meanwhile... My aunt, uncle and cousins had started serving dinner. 
There was a HUGE line around the corner and out the front door to eat.... 
Plus all the tables we had set up inside were full. 
That's really when it hit me HOW many people actually came to celebrate our day with us. 

Later I was told they thought they'd served over 200 people at dinner...
That's AFTER some left without eating! 
We are so blessed to have so many good friends and family!!!

What about you? Did you have a large turnout at your big day? 
Or just a small, intimate wedding?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wedding Recaps - Post Ceremony Group Shots

After our wedding ceremony, the wedding party walked back up the aisle following Mr. and MRS. M... ;) Got in our golf carts, and zoomed back up the road to the reception site. 
There we had a just a few minutes to greet guests, then it was on to more group shots!

A quick memory though, that I want to write here so as not to forget... 
As we drove back up in the golf carts, Mr. M drove to the little parking lot by the condos. There he just drove around and around in circles!!! 
My brother followed, then all of the wedding party was just cruising in a circle around the lot!! 
(Um... I'm purposefully leaving out the little crash that took place... No one was hurt... but it was way too funny... ;)

Here we are with Miss Taylor, our niece. 

Isn't she a sweetheart! 
You can see after the ceremony she ditched the dress shoes for boots too... haha! 

We also took pictures with each of our bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

Me with each of the girls. 


Mr. M with each of the guys. 


Did you have a FUN, RANDOM memory on your wedding day??
Or even during your wedding planning??
Next up... The reception begins!!! :) 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wedding Recaps - The Ceremony

After our first look and a few random group shots, we noticed that guests were starting to arrive!
That meant it was ALMOST time! ;) 

The aisle. I made the poms following Martha Stewart's tutorial here.
Larger poms where also hung from the cieling of the reception room.
I mentioned before that the golf carts owned by the golf course played an important role in our wedding day.
Well... the entire wedding party drove up to the ceremony site, two by two in golf carts! Mine was a RED golf cart driven by my dad. 

Mr. M swears he was standing up there by himself forever. :) 
The bishop was there with him though!

Then the wedding party. 
They walked in to "You Make Me Smile" by Uncle Cracker and
"Mama's Song" by Carrie Underwood. 

Mr. Chancey making HIS grand entrance! hahaha. 
Didn't realize he was supposed to go with the others, but he still made it! ;) 
And there's a glimpse of the golf carts in the background. :)

Here comes the bride and the father of the bride. 

Love my dad.

Kayli sang, "I Run to You" by Lady Antebellum. SO beautifully by the way. :)

The bishop read a lovely speech. I hope sometime to get a copy of it. 

The girls
The guys
We exchanged rings, said I do!...

And we were married!!! Onto the party! ;)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A few things...

So! Today is my BIRTHDAY!! :) 
To celebrate we're doing a Birthday giveaway, winner take all over here
There's some really FUN stuff up for grabs and it's SO easy to enter!

I got a Birthday balloon and HUGE candy bar today from my office! So that was fun! ;)


AND... In other news... 
Remember this post about the new website, SimplyBridal?
Well, they are at it again! 
From now until October 7th they are offering a 50% discount on all of their dresses!

Simply enter 50SALE at checkout to receive 50% off your entire purchase!!! 
Happy Birthday to you, right!?!? haha. 

Hope you're having a fabulous week dolls!!! 

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