Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wedding Recaps - The Cake

Remember me telling you about how my mom's friend offered to make our cakes for our wedding gift?
And how we'd met for lunch and I'd shared my cake inspiration with her?
Well... she did a better job on our wedding cakes than I could ever have imagined!!!
They were perfect for us!

The wedding cake. 
It was hot in the clubhouse and some of the daisies "wilted" a little. 

{Cherished cake topper purchased here.}

Mr. M's groom's cake. 
I so love that topper!!! It's a decoration in our kitchen now! 

{Roping topper purchased here.}

She also made an extra sheet cake, to be sure to have enough cake for everyone using our engagement picture replicating our Cherished cake topper (above). 

LOVE the barbwire around the edges of the cakes! :) 
And all the little details she added really. Thanks so much Lynda!!! 

Mr. M and I cutting the cake. 

This was right before Mr. M takes a piece... 
Smells it, then tells me, "This smells funny."
I just laughed it off, but he acted like he was serious and kept saying it...
You know where this is going right?
So I fell for it... I "smelled" the cake... and had it shoved in my FACE! hahahaha!!!
But I got him back! 

That one cracks me up... 
See Taylor in the background snapping away with one of the disposable cameras from the tables?? 
Too funny. 
{Purchased disposable cameras from here.}

And the cake aftermath... hahaha. 

:) What about you?? 
Did you or do you plan on the whole cake in the face thing?
We didn't plan on it... It just happened. :)
But it was fun!


Nicole said...

haha! so funny! hubs and i asked our MoH/BestMan (my sister/hubs twin bro) to come up while we cut the cake. Then we smashed it in their faces! Soo fun. :)


molly YEH! said...

these cakes are amazing!! i want to eat cake now. or just cake batter.

Jess Gatlyn said...

awwwww you two cuties! LOVE your wedding! i worked with long horns and horses for several years back in're making me miss my country days! <3 so great to connect with you from the fall fest party girl!

Vic said...

Oh MY! what a lovely wedding cake and these memories will be cherished forever! i love the you're making me want to get married asap:) you're so pretty! xo

Sara said...

ya'll are too cute!!! We didn't do the cake smashing bit but you know we did just celebrate our one year and there's a cake topper in the kitchen that might just have Rob's name on it..... hmmmm.....

Nicole-Lynn said...

Cute! :) The cakes turned out great! Very sweet of her to make them for you :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

all the cakes look amaazing! great job on the details!

The Arizona Russums said...

our wedding cake in the face was minimal. but then micah got me really good on our one year anniversary when we were eating the top to our cake! he had to get me back for putting limits on the messiness on the big day!

Saying I do said...

LOLOL sounds like the Hubs had that one planned for awhile! What a trick! I totalllly would have fallen for that, too. Chris smeared a tiny bit on my outer lip/cheek but for the most part, we didn't really do that. Those cakes are amaaazing! Kudos to your mom's friend!

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Your cake was awesome!! Love the toppers. No cake in the face for me, I made him swear/promise/ and swear again he wouldn't do it but I LOVE the pictures you got of it, super awesome!

Courtney B said...

LOVE the pictures!! And the cake... so perfect! The topper on the groom cake is my favorite :)
You and your hubs are SOOO cute!

Crown'd Vic said...

Both your cake toppers are perfect!
And how funny was he with that trick? I told Mike there was NO WAY he was putting it on my face after paying so much $ to have my makeup done!!!

Emma Frances said...

These wedding recaps are so fun! And your cake was just perfect! I love the groom's cake as well! That topper is so fun!

Naturally Me Creations said...

It's so fun seeing all your wedding pics and planning and stuff...REALLY makes me wanna have another one! :D

This was a really cute idea, this wedding blog of yours, i wish i'd have thought of it before mine! :)

You looked really lovely too. ;)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Cute pics! Lovely cakes too!

We didn't plan on it either, but I took the chance and aimed for his mouth but got some cake in his eye! lol It was funny. He was nice to me though! :)

novita liu said...

Ingin punya pemasukan tambahan?

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