Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Recaps: Girls' Gifts and Daisy Boxes

You thought I'd forgotten to talk about the last little bit of my bridesmaids' gifts, didn't you?
Nope! Not me!! 
If you recall I talked about bridesmaid gifts here and here
But, I had been putting off writing up the tutorial for these little lovelies....
I don't know why. 
I guess because the pics weren't very good quality... But I finally did! 
And it turned out better than I thought!! The pictures I mean... 
I've always been quite proud of these little beauties

ALL of the materials were things I already had in my craft stash!!! 
Wanna see how I made them?
Go here to Truly Lovely for the full details!

But what you've been waiting for... What was inside??? ;)

Each of my bridesmaids, myself and my wedding day coordinator all received an aqua chrysanthemum necklace purchased from Brittany at Love Stitched on Etsy
You should definitely check out her shop! 
Such little pretties to be bought!! :) 

Aqua chrysanthemum flower necklace with chain

I wear mine often. :) So do the girls... 
I've seen a few at different functions and get togethers wearing their necklaces since the wedding. 
It makes me smile every time. :)

I HIGHLY recommend gifting your bridesmaids with something they can use again and again. 

Now for the pics of giving the ladies their lovelies....

Miss Tracey
You like that getting ready outfit I'm wearing, don't you... ;)

Miss Tessie - I'll be back to explain how Tessie fit in to the wedding party a little later..
FYI, it was one of my best ideas! ;)
Miss Kayce
Miss Meghan Jo
We didn't get a picture of every single gift handout... But you get the idea! 

What about you? Did you gift your girls with some little pretties??
Jewelry to wear the day of? Or something entirely different?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Wedding Recaps: Gifts for the Guys and Groomswear

Note: THIS my friends is the official start of the professional photos! 
As taken by Karen of Treehouse Photography
If you're looking for a photographer in the Gila Valley, AZ - southwestern NM area?
I HIGHLY recommend Karen!


I've blogged about the gifts I did for the girls... 
But have yet to mention the guys gifts! So here it is! :)

Mr. M and I decided early on we wanted him and his gents to wear western button up shirts, jeans, boots and hats. 
That was the easy part. 
The hard part was finding those western button up shirts. 

In case you didn't know... Western clothing. Decent quality western clothing is EXPENSIVE.
So to find a decent shirt, that was fairly affordable, that Mr. M would be seen in public in... TOUGH. 

Mr. M - My handsome husband
But we found one. 
Finally. And bought Mr. M and each of his groomsmen a black, Cinch, long sleeved, button up, western shirt! 
Cinch shirts are higher quality western shirts... 
That said, they ALSO served as the groomsmen's gifts. 
Knowing Mr. M's groomsmen they will be worn quite often after the wedding!

From there Mr. M requested black cowboy hats, boots and nice blue jeans. 
His gents didn't disappoint! 

The shades were a fun touch too. 
My brother wears glasses, so when they went to take this picture he didn't have shades... 
So he's wearing mine. ;) haha. 
See if you can pick him out?! ;)

*Oh! And on a keeping it real note... The dry cleaners in our town CLOSED down in the two weeks before the wedding... SO having the shirts professionally pressed went out the window... 
Mr. M looked them over a few days prior and decided they didn't need to be ironed.... 
Never let the groom determine the wrinkle status of clothing. 
They needed to be ironed. 
HUGE thanks to Miss Deidra, our good friend, for ironing shirt after shirt the MORNING of the wedding! :)

So what about you?
What did your groom and groomsmen wear? Or what will they wear?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wedding Recaps: The Morning Of...

After our rehearsal dinner and the night before our wedding day I gave my fiance a kiss on my brother's front porch, and left him for some fun with his boys. 
My bridesmaids Kayli, Kayce, Megan and Tessie stayed with me and my parents of course, at my mom and dad's house (along with Taylor and Ada, two of our nieces (and flower girls) and Kase our nephew, a ring bearer).

I'll be honest here... I didn't get a whole lot of sleep that night. 
Not so much because of nerves... When I finally hit the pillow I was out. :) 
But because I stayed up sipping wine and catching up with my girls.
At the time I was worried I would regret it... But in hindsight, it was so good to just chill out and chit chat with some of my bridesmaids and my parents!

 The morning of our wedding day my mom and dad made us biscuits and gravy
The perfect wedding day breakfast, chocolate gravy for me by request of course. :)
My absolute favorite. A few of the girls tried and liked it. 
Maybe I'll share the recipe sometime. ;)

The WHOLE morning it was raining
A few of the girls and I drove on over to Alpine so I could get the key and check in to our cabin for the wedding night. By then it was seriously pouring!

Our entire bridal party met at the condos next to the country club to get dressed and ready.
Girls in one condo. Guys in another. 

After a tasty burger for lunch from the Bear Wallow Cafe, we got down to the business of getting ready!

*Everyone's advice prior to my wedding day was, EAT EAT EAT! 
So naturally, I did! ;)
My advice to YOU... EAT EAT EAT! 
Then you can relax and enjoy your day without a growling tummy or a light head!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wedding Recaps: Wedding Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

I've said this before... But during our Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner I was a complete photo taking failure. 
Which isn't so good for blogging recaps, but was perfect for relaxing and enjoying myself in the moment!

That said... I HIGHLY recommend appointing someone, ANYONE in charge of taking pictures during those times. If you're like me and your pro photographer won't be there until right before the wedding, have a friend take pictures with their camera!!! 
You live, you learn, then you share it on your wedding blog so others don't have to... Haha. 

BUT, I still would like to share with you guys. SO please excuse the lack of personal photos and instead enjoy my recap of the rehearsal through your own eyes! :) Imagine away!

To get you started... My rehearsal outfit!
Originally I had planned on and even purchased a lovely dress and heels to wear. 
Then I got real and realized our rehearsal and dinner were going to be outdoors, relaxed, cook out.. 
And a dress and heels wouldn't be appropriate or comfortable. 

 So instead I wore a white ruffle top, the black capris I bought for my bridal shower and in true Kassi fashion, signature zebra print flip flops. :)

When we pulled into the country club parking lot, most of the wedding party was already there. 
We spent the next hour or so decorating for the reception inside the clubhouse. 

When it came time for the actual rehearsal... The rehearsal we had planned to happen here:

Where the ceremony was going to take place the next day... 
It just so happened a torrential rain storm started coming down! 
Remember our prayers for rain.. Well we got it! :)

The golf course wasn't actually that wet... Or that green... But it was raining pretty good there for a few hours. 
Not even gonna lie... It made me REAL nervous for the next day and the rain situation!

So... We rehearsed INSIDE the clubhouse instead. In a little hallway. By the bar. haha. 
It was awesome. :) Well... it worked out anyway. 

My ABSOLUTE favorite moment from our rehearsal...
My dad... 
My mostly quiet, watch from a distance, til he gets to know you, then he's SUPER fun and entertaining dad... handing me over to Mr. M. 
The bishop says, "Who gives the bride?"
Dad says loudly and with real gusto, 
"I do. And if you break her heart I'm gonna whip your a**." 
BWAHAHAHA! Crack me up man!! Well.. Mr. M kinda cracked a half smile... heehee. 
I love my dad!

Mom, Dad and Kassi - 2008
After we rehearsed Mom and Dad took off for their house to start cooking for the rehearsal dinner. 
We finished decorating and hung out awhile, then all headed to their house too. 
We had a good ol' burgers, hot dogs and beer cookout for our rehearsal dinner. :)
I loved it.
I don't think there has been that many people at my parents house since... Um never. 
It was SO much fun. We laughed and talked and caught up with our wedding party, close family and friends. 

Just wish I would've taken some pictures. 
Oh well... Pictures fade. Memories last forever, right?!?

Speaking of pictures... We got our wedding photos!! 
Our actual wedding recap will be starting soon! Hope you stick around! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yay for Wedding Photos!!!!

GREAT news friends!!!
I'm meeting our wedding photographer this evening to pick up the CD of our wedding photos!!!
I'm excited! Nervous! Anxious! All at one time

Your wedding photos are kind of a big deal. 
They're only supposed to come around once in a lifetime. 
So... I cannot wait to see what Karen of Treehouse Photography captured for us!!

To hold you over until the wedding recaps commence... 

ONE last sneak peak. :)

Karen really does a beautiful job, don't you think?!?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Perfect First Dance Song

Brides to be? 
Still looking for that perfect first dance song?
May I make a suggestion...
It's my blog right? 
Of course I can... haha. 

Have you heard this song by Blake Shelton?
Just listen...

Perfect. Absolutely. 

Our first dance song was a Blake Shelton song... More on that in wedding recaps. ;)
It was PERFECT for me and Mr. M. It really was!
Still is. As in will always be OUR song. 
But this one. Fabulous. 

After the wedding I bought the new Blake Shelton CD, Red River Blue, because it had OUR song on it. 
God Gave Me You is also on it. That's how I discovered it. 
Now they're playing it on the radio. 
Hit status. Written all over it. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One Month Mini-versary

We've been married one WHOLE month already! 
Where did the time go??
Really though... It doesn't seem like it's been that long. 

A wedding picture taken by a guest for your viewing pleasure... haha.
No pro pictures yet.
This morning while I was getting ready for work Mr. M was watching the news and I guess they said something about it being August 9th... He comes in the bathroom and says, 
"We got married on the ninth. That means we made it one month." haha.
Love when he surprises me! 
Maybe that means he'll be good at this whole wedding anniversary thing, right?! :)

Tonight we're having steaks and I'm trying out this dessert to celebrate! 
Gotta enjoy the little things I say! Like one month mini-versaries! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Not a whole lot going on...

Hello dolls! Just wanted to pop in and say HEY!!
I haven't abandoned My Road to Mrs... Just so you know... 
It's just that I don't have my professional photos back yet. 
So I can't really do any wedding recaps until then... 
AND I was pretty much a photo failure because there are NO rehearsal dinner photos.
At least to my knowledge. So if you have some, hit me up! 

I've had some daily goings on over on Truly Lovely in case you're just looking for something to read! Or if you're into crafts and recipes and what not. 

This last weekend I painted our guest room! 
Check out my inspiration and let's have some guesses on what color you think I chose?
*wink wink*

Well??? Any guesses? Wall color???

My plan is to do white and teal accents. 

Hope you're having an amazing week friends! 
I promise I'll be back with more wedding recaps and project posts and what not! :)

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