Monday, August 22, 2011

Wedding Recaps: Wedding Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

I've said this before... But during our Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner I was a complete photo taking failure. 
Which isn't so good for blogging recaps, but was perfect for relaxing and enjoying myself in the moment!

That said... I HIGHLY recommend appointing someone, ANYONE in charge of taking pictures during those times. If you're like me and your pro photographer won't be there until right before the wedding, have a friend take pictures with their camera!!! 
You live, you learn, then you share it on your wedding blog so others don't have to... Haha. 

BUT, I still would like to share with you guys. SO please excuse the lack of personal photos and instead enjoy my recap of the rehearsal through your own eyes! :) Imagine away!

To get you started... My rehearsal outfit!
Originally I had planned on and even purchased a lovely dress and heels to wear. 
Then I got real and realized our rehearsal and dinner were going to be outdoors, relaxed, cook out.. 
And a dress and heels wouldn't be appropriate or comfortable. 

 So instead I wore a white ruffle top, the black capris I bought for my bridal shower and in true Kassi fashion, signature zebra print flip flops. :)

When we pulled into the country club parking lot, most of the wedding party was already there. 
We spent the next hour or so decorating for the reception inside the clubhouse. 

When it came time for the actual rehearsal... The rehearsal we had planned to happen here:

Where the ceremony was going to take place the next day... 
It just so happened a torrential rain storm started coming down! 
Remember our prayers for rain.. Well we got it! :)

The golf course wasn't actually that wet... Or that green... But it was raining pretty good there for a few hours. 
Not even gonna lie... It made me REAL nervous for the next day and the rain situation!

So... We rehearsed INSIDE the clubhouse instead. In a little hallway. By the bar. haha. 
It was awesome. :) Well... it worked out anyway. 

My ABSOLUTE favorite moment from our rehearsal...
My dad... 
My mostly quiet, watch from a distance, til he gets to know you, then he's SUPER fun and entertaining dad... handing me over to Mr. M. 
The bishop says, "Who gives the bride?"
Dad says loudly and with real gusto, 
"I do. And if you break her heart I'm gonna whip your a**." 
BWAHAHAHA! Crack me up man!! Well.. Mr. M kinda cracked a half smile... heehee. 
I love my dad!

Mom, Dad and Kassi - 2008
After we rehearsed Mom and Dad took off for their house to start cooking for the rehearsal dinner. 
We finished decorating and hung out awhile, then all headed to their house too. 
We had a good ol' burgers, hot dogs and beer cookout for our rehearsal dinner. :)
I loved it.
I don't think there has been that many people at my parents house since... Um never. 
It was SO much fun. We laughed and talked and caught up with our wedding party, close family and friends. 

Just wish I would've taken some pictures. 
Oh well... Pictures fade. Memories last forever, right?!?

Speaking of pictures... We got our wedding photos!! 
Our actual wedding recap will be starting soon! Hope you stick around! :)


Sara said...

Sounds like a PERFECT evening!! ( I <3 your dad)

Sorry about the photos, it is great advice to "assign" someone... I felt the exact same way about our Sunday out of towners brunch

Teenage Bride said...

can't wait for more photos!!! xxxooo

Lesa said...

Thanks for commenting over at Mailbox Moments.

Congrats on your wedding!! Your Dad sounds like an awesome dad :)

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