Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Perfect First Dance Song

Brides to be? 
Still looking for that perfect first dance song?
May I make a suggestion...
It's my blog right? 
Of course I can... haha. 

Have you heard this song by Blake Shelton?
Just listen...

Perfect. Absolutely. 

Our first dance song was a Blake Shelton song... More on that in wedding recaps. ;)
It was PERFECT for me and Mr. M. It really was!
Still is. As in will always be OUR song. 
But this one. Fabulous. 

After the wedding I bought the new Blake Shelton CD, Red River Blue, because it had OUR song on it. 
God Gave Me You is also on it. That's how I discovered it. 
Now they're playing it on the radio. 
Hit status. Written all over it. :)


An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Aww, I LOVE this song!!! Blake Shelton is awesome. We danced to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's "It's Your Love" and I totally tear up every time I hear it on the radio, it brings me right back to that special moment.

Nicole-Lynn said...

I can't view it here at work, but I'm sure it's a beautiful song! He's a very talented singer/artist. I'm not TOO into country music but I am familiar with the names and some of the popular songs. I'm sure your first dance was just lovely :)

Our first dance song was Kalai's "Divide Me" which I didn't even know until just a month or so before our wedding. It just described our relationship and how we both felt so well.

Looking forward to your recaps, hope you get those pics soon! I know how hard it is to wait it out!

Saying I do said...

amazing song! I love it!

ashleydenise said...

ours was "Crazy Girl" by the Eli Young Band. we were stuck between two others that we couldn't decide on. then one day Kyle said he heard a song on the radio that he really liked. i don't think he told me with first dance songs in mind but i listened to it and LOVED it and so that's what we used!!!!

TexaGermaNadian said...

What a beautiful song! I love Blake Shelton. We didn't have a first dance song, guess that is what you get when you elope ;) But we were totally joking this summer that enrique iglesias's "tonight" (gotta listen to the real words) might be the worst choice ever. FUnny, but awful, haha.

Monique {Oh Darling Bride} said...

I'm tearing up. This is an awesome song! I love it. Thanks for introducing me to a Blake Shelton's music. Enjoy the rest of the week :)

Teenage Bride said...

There a lot of great country songs for a first dance. I for one love Lost in This Moment

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