Monday, August 29, 2011

Wedding Recaps: Gifts for the Guys and Groomswear

Note: THIS my friends is the official start of the professional photos! 
As taken by Karen of Treehouse Photography
If you're looking for a photographer in the Gila Valley, AZ - southwestern NM area?
I HIGHLY recommend Karen!


I've blogged about the gifts I did for the girls... 
But have yet to mention the guys gifts! So here it is! :)

Mr. M and I decided early on we wanted him and his gents to wear western button up shirts, jeans, boots and hats. 
That was the easy part. 
The hard part was finding those western button up shirts. 

In case you didn't know... Western clothing. Decent quality western clothing is EXPENSIVE.
So to find a decent shirt, that was fairly affordable, that Mr. M would be seen in public in... TOUGH. 

Mr. M - My handsome husband
But we found one. 
Finally. And bought Mr. M and each of his groomsmen a black, Cinch, long sleeved, button up, western shirt! 
Cinch shirts are higher quality western shirts... 
That said, they ALSO served as the groomsmen's gifts. 
Knowing Mr. M's groomsmen they will be worn quite often after the wedding!

From there Mr. M requested black cowboy hats, boots and nice blue jeans. 
His gents didn't disappoint! 

The shades were a fun touch too. 
My brother wears glasses, so when they went to take this picture he didn't have shades... 
So he's wearing mine. ;) haha. 
See if you can pick him out?! ;)

*Oh! And on a keeping it real note... The dry cleaners in our town CLOSED down in the two weeks before the wedding... SO having the shirts professionally pressed went out the window... 
Mr. M looked them over a few days prior and decided they didn't need to be ironed.... 
Never let the groom determine the wrinkle status of clothing. 
They needed to be ironed. 
HUGE thanks to Miss Deidra, our good friend, for ironing shirt after shirt the MORNING of the wedding! :)

So what about you?
What did your groom and groomsmen wear? Or what will they wear?


Sara said...

hmmm... love a man in a cowboy hat! And a whole line of them? Nice! (is your brother the one all the way to the right? I never would notice but looked hard to pick out the most "rounded" frames)

We wore kilts for the rehearsal dinner and tuxes for the worked well for us but I *love* linen pants on the beach and a hot stetson with jeans- men's ware can be just as fun!

Teenage Bride said...

Oh wow what a personal gift! great idea

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

I gotta say I LOVE the pics and the guys look pretty darn cool! I couldn't tell which one was your brother si I guess he blended in well with your shades on (Lucky for him ,haa ha)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw how cute do they look?! Loving the cow boy hats! Super cute.

Our groomsmen wore khaki linen suits for our beach wedding..

TexaGermaNadian said...

You really had the best ideas for you wedding. This is something that they will actually use and enjoy and remember for a long time!

Saying I do said...

so cute! I love these photos :)

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