Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Visit to our Wedding Venue

This is it!!! The first day of our wedding MONTH! ;) So exciting....
Today I wanna share some pictures I took of our wedding venue in May with you lovelies!!

Over Mother's Day weekend Mr. M and I went up to visit my family and spend Mother's Day with my mama!!! 
While we were there, we paid a visit to our wedding venue!!
The venue is only about 20 minutes from my parents' house.

It was great to see the clubhouse and golf course again in person since I hadn't been there since LAST summer! Dennis, the owner was awesome and met with us to chat about the wedding!

 We were excited to learn that the condos across the way from the clubhouse are still being rented out! We thought they'd been sold and weren't being rented anymore...

The condos... RIGHT across from the clubhouse
 There's three condos with tons of space and beds, so I called the next Monday and rented all three for the 18th! Now we have a place to stay the night of the wedding and we can accommodate our wedding party the night of as well!

We also decided on the location for our ceremony out on the golf course! 

Hole 1 - Alpine Country Club
 We chose Hole 1 not only because it's closest to the clubhouse, so guests won't have to go far to get to it... It is surrounded by gorgeous, towering pine trees...  
But also because it was where I made my hole in one shot a few summers ago... 
Click here to read that funny story... ;)

Main room of the clubhouse... LOVE the fireplace!
 They had just gotten the carpets cleaned in the clubhouse... The reason all the tables and chairs are stacked up in the middle there... But I was excited to find the main room to be bigger than I had remembered!

The ceilings are higher than I was thinking too... 
Note to self... Bring a ladder for hanging anything from the ceiling!

In this picture you can see that the fairways aren't very at all green... They don't water anything but the actual greens around the holes. Bad wells in the area I guess... and water conservation and what not... SO please pray for rain at our wedding venue friends!!!
*But not on the day of the wedding... ;)

View of Hole 1 from the balcony at the clubhouse
 It actually snowed there two weekends after I took this picture, so hopefully that will help and things will look greener come June 18th!!!

My mom, dad, Mr. M and I had a great time coming up with ideas for the day of!! 
We've got some exciting surprises up our sleeves for the wedding party at the rehearsal dinner.... ;)
Can't wait to tell you all about it! 


Nicole-Lynn said...

Love your venue! SO nice! :) How exciting you're in your wedding month! :)

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Wow that is one beautiful location! I love all the trees and the interior of the clubhouse is gorgeous! Praying for green grass but no wedding day rain!

Anna said...

I love your venue, it's perfect! I know you are getting excited! Enjoy every minute!

Kamie said...

So close!!! Your venue looks great- everything will green up by June 18th!

LesleyRH said...

So exciting for you! Enjoy the buildup!

Jenny said...

wow, it's really pretty :D

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