Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Night Out with My AZ Girls!!

On June 4th, Mr. M's best man put together a fun filled Saturday for the guys. 
They went golfing during the afternoon then had an invitational team roping in his honor! :)
He says he had a really good time!

While they were doing their guy thing the girls decided to do our own thing! ;)
First we met for dinner and drinks. 

Clockwise from me (the one in the crown... heehee) Kayce, Tammy, Brianne, Jackie, Mindy, Rhonda, Susie
Then bar hopping around our smallish Arizona town. 
Since we technically just moved here, I had only been to one place. 
But after that Saturday I added two more to my belt! :)

Dancing at Bar #1! :)
A HUGE thanks to all the lovely ladies that came and hung out, and had a BLAST!!! 
It was the best time, because it was a group of "married-up" ladies that weren't worrying about guy chasing and what not and just enjoyed a complete GIRLS only night on the town! 
If you haven't done one yet in your wedding get togethers... 
Do one. Definitely! :)

Thanks to bridesmaid, Kayce, for providing me with a lovely Bachelorette crown and sash to wear for the night! :) We even got the band to sign my sash at Bar #1! :)

Rhonda, Mindy, Me, Kayce
AND thanks to Mindy for my AWESOME pink and zebra wine glass! 
That we couldn't take with us, so failed to get into any pictures. But I LOVE IT! :)

I've said it before... But it won't hurt to say it again... I am TRULY blessed with some of the BEST women in my life. Men too... But the ladies are SO STINKIN' FUN! :)

P.S. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers over the Wallow Fire and our decision to postpone our wedding. So far we seem to have gotten the word out pretty well that it has been moved to July 9th. As of today the fire is 18% contained and that number is growing. SO please, prayers... don't cease! :)
Thank you!!!


Kamie said...

So Fun!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Thinking of you and still praying!

Your night out looked like so much fun! Cute sash and tiara! ;)

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