Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meet My Maids - Kayce

So I know I'm a day late with this one...
But things have been crazy busy around here...

I've got some exciting news to share with you soon... But today is about Miss Kayce!

Meet My Bridesmaid, Kayce!!!

Kayce and I at Kayce's Birthday Dinner 2011
Kayce and I also met my freshman year of college... Or was it sophomore year?
Either way, it was a little after Meghan and a little before the other Megan... haha.

Me, Kayce and our friend Lindsey my Sophomore year of college
We had LOTS of fun in college!!! And we STILL have LOTS of fun all the time!
You see... To make a LONG story as short as possible...
 I met Kayce through a friend, and we became really good friends, quickly...
Then... Mr. M's best friend came down one weekend to meet another friend of ours, and it just so happened he met Kayce first... They HATED each other...

Mr. M, Me, Mr. P (Kayce's guy and Mr. M's best man), and Kayce - South Padre Island 2010
Until they didn't anymore... haha. And the rest is history!!!
Mr. M and I like to take the credit... Even though it was mostly an accident... haha!

Mr. P and Kayce are our go to couple! We do almost everything with them! :)
When we move into our new house, we'll finally be in the same town again.
Let's just say the guys are REALLY looking forward to it!
But so are we!

Because, like I said, we ALWAYS have fun!!!

Kassi and Kayce - South Padre 2010


LesleyRH said...

Some of the best friends are made in college!! So cool you showcase your wedding party this way!

Teenage Bride said...

love these posts! it's so fun getting to know your girls!

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