Monday, April 11, 2011

Meet My Maids - Megan

Remember I said I have TWO Meg's in the wedding party??


Meet My Bridesmaid Megan!!!

Me and Megan - Another friend's wedding May 2010
Not to be confused with Meghan Jo.
Megan and I technically knew each other our freshman year of college.
But we didn't really become friends until NAMA (late in our sophomore year)!!!
That's right... ANOTHER college friend.
But really... I think some of your best friends are made in college.
Mine were. Obviously. :)

Kassi and Megan 2008
We were both in the Ag college at the time, and members of the club.
If memory serves me right, we became really good friends over the NAMA National competition in Dallas, Texas.
We had the BEST time putting together goodie bags for the other schools.

Kassi and Megan - Christmas Party 2009
Megan is one of the SWEETEST people that I know.
And she has gone out of her way, ever since I've known her to befriend and include Mr. M as well. During one of the hardest times in our life, the loss of a VERY CLOSE loved one, she drove 3.5 hours to bring a package of bottled water and cookies to us...
And just visit for awhile.

Megan's family are also some of the nicest people I know.
Her sister Sara is also a very good friend!!!
And Meg is good friends with my family as well! She's been to my hometime on a couple of occasions, and fits right in with our crazyness!! :)

Kassi and Megan - Sara's Bachelorette Party September 2009

Meg is one of those people that you won't talk to for weeks, then all the sudden pick up the phone and carry on as if no time has passed!!!

Megan, me and my family at my Granny's 89th Birthday Party
I love this lady lots!!! And I'm so glad, that she is a part of my and Mr. M's life and our wedding day!!


Teenage Bride said...

I love meeting all your girls!! They are going to help make your day so special

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw, yey! Sounds like a great group of ladies!

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