Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet My Maids - Meghan Jo

I would LOVE to introduce you to my bridesmaid, Meghan Jo!!

Meghan at her bridal shower
She's the third bridesmaid to be introduced in my Meet My Maids Series!!
I met Meghan Jo our freshman year in college!
(We use the Jo, her middle name, to differentiate between her and other bridesmaid, Megan)

She grew up in the same town as Mr. M.
They were in the same class and came to college at the same time.
So... technically Mr. M is the reason for me meeting my bestie Meghan Jo!
(Gotta give him some credit...)

We became college roommates our Sophomore year of college and had a BLAST!!!
Really... Maybe TOO much fun sometimes... haha...

Our friend, Deidra, Me and Meg at the Thunder From Down Under in Las Vegas 2008 :)
Meghan Jo married Kenny (one of Mr. M's groomsmen) in 2007 (? I think... oops) and I was her maid of honor!!! It was a PLEASURE!! Again, we had SO much fun!
But we ALWAYS have fun... ;)

Me, handing Meg her bouquet on her wedding day... BEAUTIFUL bride, right?!?
Now, Meghan and Kenny live right down the road from us (until we move to our new house) and are some of our BEST friends!!! We go over for poker nights, birthday parties (Meg throws an awesome dinner party!!) and just enjoy hanging out!

Meghan was even my first recruit after I started selling Scentsy!!!

Me and Meg at the Scentsy Spring Sprint Event in Phoenix, AZ
February 2011
LOVE this lady!! MUCH!! And I am so thrilled that she is a HUGE part of my life and that her and her hubs are going to be a part of our big day!!

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Tiffany said...

I went to Thunder From Down Under for my 21st birthday! Cute blog :) thanks for stopping by mine ( )

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