Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dresses Weekend #1 Recap

This last weekend was a BLAST!!!
My soon to be sister-in-law, niece and nephew loaded up my little red Nitro and drove the 2+ hours to Phoenix Friday night after work!!

(I say soon to be in the context that they will be so legally, they already are as far as I'm concerned!)

Me and Sis-in-law, Brianne
Time was spent at another soon to be sister-in-law's house
 and then at the aunt-in-law's house!!
Bedtime at 11pm.
Thanks to two rambunctious kiddos... Awake at 5 am!! :)

Then it was a day of dress shopping for the wedding!

Brianne (sis-in-law), Bella (niece), Steph (sis-in-law), Diane (aunt-in-law),
Aimee (cousin), Kayce (bridesmaid)

The dress tally as of right now?

1 wedding dress (for me, sillies...) ;)
2 bridesmaid dresses ordered
1 sister-in-law dress ordered
1 aunt-in-law dress purchased
2 guest book/gift taker girls' dresses ordered
4 flower girl dresses purchased/ordered

For a grand total of 11 dresses for the wedding!!!!

This Saturday will be MORE dress shopping in El Paso, Texas!!

(My peeps are spread out over two full states... What'd you expect... heehee)

Hoping to have 3 more bridesmaid dresses and
the mother of the bride dress ordered by Sunday! :)

Rhonda (aunt-in-law) and Kayce
That only leaves one bridesmaid dress!
And Miss Tracey will be ordering hers from North Dakota! ;)

We're cutting it close to have them all in and if need be altered in time...
But we're gonna make it! :)

Stay tuned for the 3 months post on Friday!! :)

And if you haven't already... You can meet my Maid of Honor here.


Karen Andrews said...

Showing the love and following! I love weddings! (I have a son getting married in 16 days...eeek! We have had so much fun with the planning.)

I would love it if you stop by my blog to check it out.

Karen Andrews

bethani said...

oh the dress shopping.. i'm glad thats another thing i have been able to check off the list.. and i'm glad your on your way to getting more items checked off.

Saying I do said...

Woohoo very productive!

Susanmeep said...

I am following you (suelee1998) from the blog hop, you have a great site. Would you please follow me back?
thank you :)

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