Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flower Girl Rope Baskets

This last weekend, my AWESOME sister-in-law to be, Arina volunteered to make the flower girl baskets for the wedding!!!

When I say volunteered...

What I really mean is I tried conning her into making some rope vases...
Which in all honestly are the MOST time consuming, TEDIOUS job in my wedding planning...
And although she graciously, and understandably, declined,
she started right away on the job of flower girl rope baskets!!

Arina, starting a basket
By the time they went home on Sunday, she had one almost finished and enough old ropes loaded in the back of their truck to make the other three and then some!

Arina working on a rope basket, while I worked on a rope vase!

Such a HUGE help! And they look adorable!
I can't wait for our girls to carry them in the wedding!
(Well, HER girls too! Two of them are Arina's daughters, Ada and Abby!)

While she was there and working on the baskets, it forced me to sit down and finish another rope vase. So... that makes three.
Um... Is it time yet to start panicking that I won't have enough...

I'm going to say no and charge on!!! I work best under pressure anyway! haha!

So what do you think?

Was there anything you felt really pressured to get done during your wedding planning?
Did you make it?
If not how did you deal?


payneful life said...

I remember trying to figure out table cloths like 3 days before the wedding. the fabric we got was faux leather and my mom did NOT want to sew them to fit the traditional round tables. so we did the unconventional/make due with what ya got and used long tables no sewing required.

It all works out. somehow. i don't know how but it does. :) and i guess when it comes down to it. it's all just details. the real thing that matters is YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED! :)

Melissa C said...

Simply adorable! Love them, they are going to look amazing on your wedding day. It is going to be awesome to see this all come together.

Teenage Bride said...

how original! I love them.

Saying I do said...

wow!! I LOVE that!! Fantastic job!

Sara said...

it's so fun seeing all of your ideas come to life! I know they're going to be perfect for your wedding day.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness those are adorable! They are SO you! Great job!!

Mel {The Oceanside Bride} said...

WOW those are amazing!! Great job!

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