Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lunch with the Cake Lady

Remember I mentioned sometime back that my mom's friend has volunteered to make our cakes for our wedding gift?! SCORE, right?!?

Well... I have lunch with her today to talk about what we want and what she can do...

I've shared some cake inspiration before, but my idea of what I want has evolved some.
She asked that I bring a few pictures of what I want/like, so I made up a little print out to take with me...

Thought I'd share it with you all here first... haha!

So here it is, the REAL inspiration for our wedding cake and grooms cake.
All pictures gathered from various online sources. Sources can be found on my Wedding Cakes Pinboard on Pinterest
  • Top left is our wedding cake topper, Cherished Statuette
  • Top right is the groom's cake topper, befitting a team roper :)
  • Middle left, I LOVE the clean square tiers and turquoise ribbon
  • Middle right, I LOVE the texture on that one... Would want white icing though
  • Bottom left, the rope piping would be good for the grooms cake
  • Bottom middle, team roping grooms cake
  • Bottom right, our wedding colors, just in case

    The only stipulations Mr. M has as far as cake goes is that his favorite is white cake with white icing. Or maybe even lemon cake with white icing.
    He DOES not like chocolate cake or chocolate icing... So no traditional chocolate grooms cake for him...
    But that's ok. :)
    He won't be coming to the lunch, because he's working today... And he doesn't really care to go... haha. But that's ok too!

    So, what do you think?
    Surprised out how my cake inspiration evolved from this to this post?

    I'm SUPER excited to meet with her today and talk wedding cake!

    Have a lovely day friends!


Teenage Bride said...

i love the cake topper (first one) it is so unique and really cute! Plus you can use as decor in your home and no one would know it was on top of your cake

Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh how fun! I hope your lunch date goes well! Let us know how it turns out! Love the inspiration! So cute!

We're doing white cake, with raspberry filling, and buttercream frosting, and no grooms cake.

Monique @Oh Darling Bride said...

Yummy! Looking at your cake inspiration has woken up my sweet tooth :)

Crown'd Vic said...

LOVE! all your inspiration looks fabulous, and yummy!!

Saying I do said...

yummmy cake tastings are the best :) can't wait to hear what you pick!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! You make me want to plan a big huge wedding & marry my husband all over again =)

Sorellas Elite Fashion said...

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KY said...

I LOVE your cake topper! It's so 'you'!!!!! Mmmm, I would go with the lemon cake! I can't wait to see all of this come together!!!!!!!! I love that you're doing a grooms cake, I want to surprise TJ with one :) I read in Brides Magazine that they are coming back into play. Will you have it at the rehearsal dinner or at the reception???

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