Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wedding Cake Inspiration

The Cake.

It's kind of a big deal.

It has it's own time for crying out loud!

At every wedding I've EVER been to, they always say,

"It's time to cute THE cake!"

Hmm... Yep, maybe I should start thinking about that.

My Wedding Cake Inspiration Board
from Style Me Pretty:

Cake Inspiration

That's my EXACT cake topper!
Already been purchased.
It was the very first thing I bought for the wedding.
It's a replica of the "Cherished" statue.
Cute, I think! And it fits us.
Mr. M even helped pick it out.

I like the texture of that white cake in the middle.
Screams dreamy wedding day.

I kind of like square cake layers too... Or a combo of round and square...
You know, mix it up a little.

Pink dots are always fun!

We WILL have a groom's cake!!
Mr. M says, "Why can't I just eat YOUR cake?"
That's not the point!

Think I've found the perfect groom's cake topper too.
Post on that later.

It won't be a Superman cake. But it will be a Mr. M cake.
That IS the point!

What was your cake inspiration?

Any fun links to share with me of great wedding cakes??
I'm still looking!

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AmyJean {Relentless Bride} said...

I got a great deal from a friend of my SIL. a 200 person 4 tiered cake for $350 and each tier was a different flavor of cake. I used my color themes to add a yellow ribbon and my florist brought a couple flowers. Our cake toppers were done by a friend too... the husband and I, with our two pups. If you want to see it, just go into "weddings" on my blog site and under "wedding weekend" i have a post dedicated to the cake :)

I love your ideas!!!

R.A. Harris said...

I love the square cakes. Maybe because they're different? The first one is very elegant!

When it comes to wedding cakes, especially ones that are stacked like the ones you have pictured I've seen too many times a lot of it gets wasted because the middle where the layers are all stacked together never gets cut. Or a lot of it falls apart when they try to take them apart to cut for the rest of the guests. Or maybe I'm just anal about wasting stuff lol!

A neat idea that I've come to find in recent years is wedding cupcakes! I for one absolutely LOVE cupcakes, and IF IF IF I were to ever get married again I'd totally do this. For one, CUPCAKES! Two, no cutting is required. Three... aren't they cute??

I'm not sure what the cost comparison to an actual wedding CAKE but you never know, they might even save you some money?

Anyways... just thought I'd share that idea. I am getting excited seeing everything come together for you and your wedding!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Cuuute! Love your cake topper. Definitely fits your theme! The square cakes are fun too.

Cost wise, we're not too fond of the grooms cake so we may not have one. If I can find someone in our family who will make it then we may. My fiance wants a surfboard.. how hard can that be? :)

KY said...

Kassi I love this blog!!!! Thank you for stopping by mine - I am your newest follower and look forward to watching your wedding day unfold :)

Crown'd Vic said...

I love those cakes and the topper IS SO YOU! perfect!

We are not doing a groom's cake, just the one wedding cake - everyone will eat it and be happy :)

meggiejo said...

I wish I would have done a grooms cake...I really like the cakes that are round and square.. I also love the cake topper but you already know I think you should do a grooms cake for Mr. M I know Mr. W woud of really liked it our wedding....

Saying I do said...

I'm starting to think about cake's now too, but I really have nooo idea what I want!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Thanks for all the suggestions friends!! Please know that I take each one seriously and really do consider them for my wedding day!!!

Patti said...

Love that topper! It seems so you! Its such an exciting time of your life! Enjoy every minute of it. I never let any part stress me at all. It was all just about starting life together and a party. =) When you're relaxed about things...they always seem to go along better!!

Poekitten said...

I found the cake kinda stressful...especially when we were given old, stale cake at a tasting. Thankfully I found a reasonably priced bakes that was delicious! I had an Asian themed wedding so I drew my inspiration from that. We were going to do a groom's cake but in the ended decided not worked for us:)

I came by from FTLOB.

Megan said...

I loved picking out our cake! Mine was simple and white, with a hot pink bow! We had three small groomsmen cakes, because my hubby wanted a hunting cake, a fishing cake, and a fireman cake. They were all adorable!

bethani said...

the cake has been hard for me. i've been going back and forth about what i want. theres so MANY options! we are doing cupcake towers for sure with just a small two layer top for cutting and saving for the anniversary. I can't wait to start tasting - that has to be by far the best part of wedding planning. ♥

Brooke said...

Ours is going to be kind like the middle one on the right! and she actually didn't make that box. If you click the link below the picture it'll take you to the etsy shop where she found it! :)

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