Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bridesmaid Gifts

So some of my bridesmaids actually read this blog...
And I want their gifts to be at least somewhat of a surprise...
That being said, here's a little teaser for you ladies. :)
I got some of the materials needed in to make up three more bridesmaid gifts. One is already finished.
I need to do 6 total bridesmaids and one for my lovely hostess.

All I'll say is each girl is getting something tailored to her and her personality. And I am so excited to get them all going and hopefully finished soon.
My ladies are getting spoiled, I think! heehee... Tease, tease. ;)

What did you use for bridesmaid gifts? Any good ideas... cause I'm still looking for additions possibly...?


Melissa C said...

I gave mine each earrings, bracelet, and mirror with a super sweet note! Simple but they can wear them whenever they want ;)

bethani said...

part of my gift is going to include jewelry they will wear during the wedding.. my brain hasn't thought much further than that.

wahab said...

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