Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mason Jar Mug Idea

So I have an idea... You know how you can have champagne glasses personalized for your bridal party so that they all have their own toasting glass???
I'm thinking Mason Jar Mugs... Such as these... instead of champagne glasses.
Ball 40014 plain drinking mugs, box of 12.
They fit more with our rustic/western theme. And I'm sure our party would prefer them... heehee.
The darling Mr. M purchased a Silhouette for my Christmas gift... So I can print out the names, etch them on the glasses myself and HELLO wedding DIY!
Oh... not to mention, saved money! And who can say no to that!?!

I kind of have a feeling this little lovely is going to come to GREAT use!!! :)
Thank you, thank you Mr. M!!!


Nicole-Lynn said...

I love mason jars! They will definitely be a nice touch and fit within your rustic theme! I collect the aqua ones! :)

Have fun with your projects :)

Bella said...

Love the mason jars. I too would TOTALLY go for that.

I am your newest follower Kassi, it will be fun seeing how things progress until the big day.


Bella :)

bryce and jaci said...

That is AWESOME!
ALl of it!

meggiejo said...

Love the idea!!!

Brooke said...

I AM SO JEALOUS!! I want a silhouette so so bad haha those will look great :) and thank you for that idea. It's so simple and I love it since we are simple kind of people!

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