Thursday, December 9, 2010

Will you...

My ladies have been chosen! And all have agreed to be in my wedding! Yay! Just wanted to share with you my, "please be in my wedding" idea. I decided that asking a friend to participate in one's wedding should be a big deal! It IS a big deal, I think! In my case I was asking them to dedicate at least a few weekends of their busy lives to share their time with me!! So I wanted to ask each lady in a fun and memorable way. This led me to search online for cards to send, cause I love sending actual letters/cards in the mail. 
I was lucky to discover Greeting Card Universe. They have some super cute cards and really great prices!!! Turns out they were having a sale at the time, so I chose to use their website.
I have decided to use bright Gerber daisies as my main wedding flowers (more on that at another time), so I searched for daisies within the "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" category. Yes, they have a be my bridesmaid category of cards!! Isn't that awesome?!?

I found this card, which I loved!!! The daisies are bright and exactly what I was looking for!

The inside just had something like, it'll make my day if you're a bridesmaid, which I didn't think was personal, or "cutsie" enough... And Greeting Card Universe gives you the option to personalize the inside... So I rummaged around in the other cards and found a poem.
I edited it just a little to my liking and it became,

"We've shared a special bond
That only best friends can do,
A bond that's been a blessing
All the years I've known you.
God truly has blessed me
When he put you in my life.
Will you be my bridesmaid
As I become his wife?"

Each of my 5 bridesmaids received that card in the mail with a little printout from The Knot about their duties. Just for fun! Afterwards I thought maybe it seemed a little bridezilla to be like, be my bridesmaid? Now you gotta do this... But really, when I was a maid of honor for a friend once, my first time, I searched for what my duties were online, cause I really didn't know. So I stand by actually telling your girls what you expect them to do! Then nobody feels confused or left out! The bridesmaid duties can be found here.
Bridesmaids: Bridesmaid Duties in Detail

For my sister, who I asked to be my Maid of Honor, I personalized it especially for my "sister".

"We've shared a special bond
That only sisters can do,
A bond that's been a blessing
All our whole lives through.
God truly has blessed me
When he put you in my life.
Will you be my Maid of Honor
As I become his wife?

I included with hers, a list of MOH duties. Like I said... Something I would've liked to receive when I was an MOH. The list I sent can be found here.
Maid of Honor: Her Duties in Detail

So to those of you who are planning your own wedding... You can definitely steal my idea! Not gonna lie... pretty proud of it. :) My girls really seemed to enjoy getting the cards! And it was a surprise at least for my sister, who wasn't expecting to be the MOH. If you do, please write a post about it on your own blog and link back to me! Sharing is caring! heehee! Thanks!

And to those already married, did you ask your girls to stand up there with you in a fun or interesting way?? 


R.A. Harris said...

That's such a cute idea!

Sara said...

Kassi, that is such a sweet idea! I am sure they felt very touched. I asked my girls in person one by one and then sent a long email to them all with a paragraph describing my friendship with each wonderful lady and why I loved them. It helped to "introduce" them since they didn't all know each other and lived in different cities.

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

That also sounds like a great idea, Sara! For the most part my girls know each other... But it would be nice to do something early on so that everyone gets to know each other better! Any ideas??

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