Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The WHERE of it all...

We've found our wedding venue!!! :)
That sounds kind of weird to say... Where I come from, there isn't really such a thing as a wedding "venue"... The last few weddings that have occurred in my area were either
1) in a large field with hay bales as seats
2) in the middle of the rodeo arena under a tent
3) in the church

In other words... It's a small, small town which means FEW choices!!!
All of the above mentioned choices turned out to be really unique and lovely... But in this case, most are just not what we're going for.
I've ALWAYS wanted an outdoor wedding. Or at least an outdoor ceremony.
I'm just not a "Going to the Chapel" kind of girl.  
I'm not gonna lie, we were considering getting married in a field in my hometown, and maybe setting up a tent. But we got real and realized that a "field" venue would require port-a-johns... (Which should have NO business being in a lovely wedding blog such as mine... heehee, right?!) Probably a VERY expensive tent, some way to provide electricity for the lights and music, just a whole lot of things that we really can't afford.
Turns out we're really lucky and happen to be family friends with the amazing couple that owns the Alpine Golf & Country Club in Alpine, Arizona.
(Alpine is just over the stateline from my hometown, so we're golden on the distance issue!)

Not actually the Alpine Country Club... But it looks like this...
It's so small, I can't find any good pictures online...

Amazingly enough, Mr. M has not had a single strong opinion on any of the wedding decisions thus far... He's pretty cool with whatever I come up with... EXCEPT, for some reason, he really wanted to get married at the country club.

Now... Don't get confused with the idea of a country club and our western/rustic wedding. It will all mesh... I promise. Alpine Country Club is not your run of the mill, need an exclusive membership to get in, kind of country club... It's out in the mountains, surrounded by huge pine trees! It's run by a hilarious golf playing gentleman that would rather join you for a round of golf than hang out in the clubhouse, running the business.
 Like I was saying... it fits us. And Mr. M really wants it...
So I called and booked it for June 18th!

Actually the owners had offered it to us awhile back, but we hadn't really decided until now... But anyway, another milestone on this wedding planning super highway!


FYI: Just for fun, a quick story on our history
with the Alpine Country Club and Golf Course!

I don't play golf. I have played a few times at Putt Putt... But until Mr. M, I hadn't even swung a real golf club. He played a little in high school, and is a fairly decent player.
So we (Mr. M, my 2 brothers, and my sister) all went to the Alpine course for a round of golf a few summers ago. Again, keep in mind I had NO idea what I was doing...

But even still, I made a HOLE in ONE! That's right. I did.

The thing was though... It was in the wrong hole... :)

At the 2nd hole, the tee is right next to the 1st hole. I hit the ball, aiming for the 2nd hole, it bounced off a nearby pine tree, and went right into the 1st hole!!

All that to say, we do have a special history there... It's not like we just chose a random spot for our wedding. Not that random isn't good, but in this case, we wanted some meaning.


Did you have a history with your wedding venue? Are you looking for a unique wedding venue? Did your hubs to be have any special input on the WHERE?


Nicole-Lynn said...

How exciting! Congrats on finding a venue! It sounds great!

Sara said...

your venue looks beautiful! we looked at the expensive tent/port-o-john route and decided that a more classic venue would be the best choice for an easier, elegant, and cheaper wedding.

Kayli said...

don't forget the best part of the whole hole in one story- as soon as you swung and we all knew it was going to the hit the tree Mr. M (in a tone DRIPPING with sarcasm) goes, "Hole in one!" and then it bounced off and rolled right in. Little did he know.... hahaha :)

AmyJean {Relentless Bride} said...

The wedding venue was our biggest obstacle... once we did that, things started to really fall in place :) Congrats!!!

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