Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Real vs. Fake Flowers

So, the big flower debate... Real vs. Fake.
I'm leaning towards fake. Think, hot June wedding, out of the way, pretty large distance between my wedding and any such flower shop...
Supposedly cheaper. Can be just as pretty as real... Will serve as gifts to loved ones in my cute rope vases, that won't just die on the way home.

But then... Can you really beat the real thing?

I'm wanting big, bright Gerber Daisies as my main flowers. They can be really expensive when purchased "alive". But will they look as nice if they're fake?

At my friend's wedding she spent around $1,000 on fake flowers. Family served as the flower arrangers, and they came out just lovely! Now, over three years later, a huge bunch of them lay ruined in her garage... Nowhere to store them. No one to give them or sale them to... She votes real. What's your vote? Real flowers, or fake flowers?
You can vote here ---> to the right, in my side bar.

In the meantime, here is my flower inspiration board... Sort of. I make all of my boards over at Style Me Pretty... And I just use their pictures. So they aren't EXACTLY what I'm looking for, but kind of. I want big, bright, Gerber Daisies.
What about white bouquets for the girls, and colors for me?
I like the single flower in a jar look... But prefer my rope vases.


Any opinions are SO much appreciated! And please vote in my really important poll.
My wedding flowers depend on it.
Well, not really, but I would like to know what you think! :)


Nicole-Lynn said...

Wow, I couldn't imagine spending that much on fake flowers. I was having a hard time spending less than $600 on our real ones... I think it just depends on the couple and what you are able to afford. We wanted simple arrangements, and something that would fit within our budget so I think we did pretty well.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Sorry, forgot to vote and mention what my vote was... real! :)

crafts, crafts and crafts! said...

Ohh, I like those flowers! No matter what you choose it will be beautiful

Mariel from the www.tootsiewootsieboutique.blogspot.com

morgen said...

we used fake in the centerpieces and real in the bouquets. no one knew our centerpieces were fake until we told them. but we got out real flowers made by the NMSU horticulturist dept. they were REALLY cheap and could grow them all in the green house on campus. our wedding was their final project and it turned out amazing. not sure if you have anything like that near you, but it cost us 25% of what a normal flower place wanted. so, maybe a mix or real and fake would work well too.

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