Thursday, December 23, 2010

Flower-Centerpeice Inspiration

Since the very beginning of my wedding planning, I knew I wanted to have bright, beautiful Gerber Daisies for my main flowers! I just love them!
I also knew that I wanted to have rope involved in the decor, a nod to Mr. M's favorite thing! I also happened to inherit a soldering iron awhile back, so I started making rope vases...
Thus my flower/centerpiece inspiration was born!

This is my very first rope vase! I think it turned out lovely! I have two made so far and a third started... People keep, gently of course, letting me know that making that many rope vases doesn't seem realistic. But I don't care, I'm still going to attempt it anyway! 
My sister and I purchased these dyed baby daisies at Safeway just to see how they might look in the rope vase. And because they were the only daisies available... :)
But I think it looks nice...
So picture one or two of these filled with big, bright Gerber Daisies, like these... on each of the tables at our wedding reception.


It just so happens that I, with the amazing giveaway luck I've been having lately, won 12 rustic table number holders from a giveaway over at Sparkle & Hay!
Who I just love, by the way!!!
The table numbers are made by Le Chic Wedding Boutique.
It'll be 6-8 weeks I guess before those little lovelies reach my mailbox... but that will give me time to think of a creative use for them.
I wasn't really planning on table numbers, so we'll see what I come up with...


In the meantime, anyone have any ideas for addition to my western/rustic/bright centerpiece displays?
What did you use at your wedding? Or plan to use?
Real or fake flowers? Wait... that's a discussion for a future post...
But we can get it started here... So again, real or fake??

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The Flirty Girl said...

Love the rope vase idea! Very cute.

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