Monday, April 25, 2011

A Few Things to Share

Happy Monday lovely friends!!

Thank you all for the Anniversary well wishes!!!
What a LOVELY group of readers I have here at My Road to Mrs!!!

We enjoyed our anniversary/Easter weekend very much!!
There was LOTS of family!
Lots of Easter candy, a visit to our new house with the in-law side, a FUN western themed birthday party, and LOTS of good times!!!

Today, I have a few EXCITING things to share!!

1. My first bridal shower is this coming Saturday!!! SO EXCITED!!!

2. On Friday I went with my bridesmaid, Meghan Jo and registered at a little boutique here in town.

They have a fun bridal registration program there...
How it works:
I went in on Friday and chose some fun items to have on my registry.
They take those items and save them in a back room throughout the week before my shower. Shower guests have all week to go in and purchase those items.
If at least FIVE items are purchased, I can go in the Monday after my shower and receive 15% off any of the remaining registry items!!!

You can read all about it here on their blog.

Some of the items that I registered for...
(All photos borrowed from Sorella's Blog or Facebook page.)

This LOVELY pink dress with a different white belt.
*Right now I'm wishing I had registered for that white purse as well... ;)

This fun brown vest!!

A cute pink tank top!

I also registered for some CUTE jewelry, a few other tops, some shorts, etc...
It was a blast!!! Thanks to the girls at Sorella's for their help!

And if you're in the Safford area, be sure to go check out their shop!!
They have some AWESOME items there!!!

3. I was recently approached by the marketing department at Tights Please to review some of their fun items!!!
They sent me some of their bridal tights to review, as well as some of their shapewear!!

SO watch for those two review posts this week!!

Until then... have a great week friends!!!

1 comment:

Cat said...

Just stumbled across your blog today...congrats on the upcoming wedding!

What a cool sounding registry! I adore that it is an alternate to just being relegated to register for "home store" items :)

xx Cat brideblu

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