Thursday, April 7, 2011

I've been Tigitty Tag Tagged...

The lovely Miss Jamie from Shehan and Jamie Two Lovebirdies tagged me friends.
Yes... I have been TAGGED!!!
*dun dun dun... (in a menacing, dramatic tone nonetheless...)*
Haha... Kidding. It looks fun though, so here we go!!!
Some fun facts about Kassi:
food: TACOS! Can't go wrong with a good plate of tacos and Spanish rice... Mr. M makes fun of me for looking at a menu when we go to a Mexican restaurant... He says, "Why do you even look when you already know what you're gonna order..." :)
color: BRIGHT pink and turquoise! Our wedding colors of course!
animal: Dogs. These two little ladies to be exact!

Little Miss Penny and Miss Pandy Bear
sports team: NMSU Aggies or the Phoenix Suns
dessert: Brownies. Or cheesecake, Granny Nell style!
artist: Music? There's lots... Josh Turner, Lady Antebellum, Nickelback, George Strait... I like country. haha. Art? I don't guess I have one... Hmm... something to ponder.
pair of shoes: Right now my zipper flip flops. And my boots of course... I have a boot/wedding announcement coming up... heehee

outfit: Jeans and a cute top
skinny jeans: Nope. Don't have any!
brand: Of what? I like lots of brands.
perfume: Depends on the day... My all time favorite is Ralph by Ralph Lauren
accessory: Rings!!! I wear my engagement ring everyday of course, but I switch them out on my right hand.

My engagement ring... Picture is from Kay
city: I don't guess I have one... There aren't many REAL cities around here anyway... haha.
hobby: Crafting, riding horses
beauty product: Chapstick :) and mascara
holiday: Christmas
snack: Sour Cream and Cheddar Ruffles :)
movie: LOTS! All time... Pretty Woman
song: Right now... "Why Don't We Just Dance" Josh Turner
guilty pleasure: Wedding shows on WE and Style

The lovelies that I am passing this Tigitty Tagged Tag on to:

Bethani at Cheers, Bethani
Brianne at The Mortensens


Jamie said...

Oh you enjoy sour cream and cheddar ruffles? A woman after my own heart. Chip night is SO on!

Teenage Bride said...

mmm tacos I am having those tonight for dinner! i cant wait!!!

KY said...

Look at those pretty piggies (toes, of course!) I HAD a pair of zipper shoes - thanks for reminding me, I'm pretty sure they were hijacked by one of my sisters when I was in Germany!! hahahaha - excited to hear about this wedding/boot announcement!! Have a good weekend pretty girl :)

TexaGermaNadian said...

I am just now seeing this! I know, I am awful. You are too sweet for passing this on to me. I love the idea and love learning just that much more about you in a single post :) Too cute! Have a fun weekend!

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