Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bubblewrapp'd Wedding Blocks

Do you know Andrea of Bubblewrapp'd? 
She is a SWEETHEART!!! 


She has a FABULOUS Etsy Shop!
A fun blog and is one of the BESTest (that's a new word) twitter buddies eva!

If you haven't heard of her yet... Do click any of those links and go check out her awesomeness... Please. You'll be stoked you did. ;)

Anyway... enough of the gushing... 
I won a certificate to her Etsy shop from the other Andrea of Keepin' It Thrifty
Shout out to awesome Andrea's everywhere! ;)

And look what came in the mail a few weeks ago! 

SO cute right! Actually bubble wrapped even! 
This chick does NOT false advertise! haha!

Our initials and wedding date with the cutest little 'i do' block! :)

Andrea will customize the colors for you of course! Obviously I chose turquoise!
They will make a nice little decoration at our wedding and then a fun decor item in our home after the wedding as well!

Check out this FABULOUS listing in her Etsy shop now! 
You can get your own Wedding Set! 
For ONLY $15!!! 
What a steal, right?!? 

The Wedding Set.

After our wedding date change fiasco, Miss Andrea sweetly offered to change the date on the large block to our new date in July. 
I just sent it back to her and she changed the date for me! 
I had planned on taking a picture of it last night but with other wedding projects happening I forgot... It looks just like that one up there but with the new date anyway. :)

Can't wait to set these out at our wedding and then use them in our home after! 
Thanks Andrea! SO much!!!
And thanks to Andrea of Keepin' It Thrifty for holding the giveaway that got me these lovelies! You girls are the BEST!!!



Andrea @ Keepin it Thrifty said...

YAY! Andrea's ROCK!! hehe but seriously the "other" Andrea is a sweetheart!! Everyone should check out her etsy shop!

Andrea said...

Kassi! Thanks so much for all the sweet compliments! :) I was thrilled to get to do this for you!

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