Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ring Bearer Goody Bags

Moms of my ring bearers... Look away! 
This is a surprise for your little guys! ;)

We have four ring bearers in our wedding! 
Four fun little guys! :)
My (our) nephew, Kase. Mr. M's (our) nephews Chancey and Marcus. 
And my bestie's little man, Ryan. 

I really wanted to give them a little something for being part of our special day. 
BUT without spending a ton of money. 

Enter the dollar store!!!
I was able to purchase paper bags, and some goodies to go inside all for around $10. :)

I used plain brown paper lunch bags and wrote each boy's name in puff paint. 

I let the paint dry over night. 
Then stuffed each bag full of fun goodies. 

The dollar store has these little "Pack and Play" packs for $1 each. 
Inside are crayons, pictures to color and stickers. 
Each ring bearer received either a Toy Story or Cars pack in their goody bag!
I also included some bubbles, and toy dinosaurs. 
Just enough goodies to entertain four little guys! :)

Once the bags were stuffed, I folded over the tops and stapled them closed. 

Then they went in the box with the flower girl goody bags to be taken to the wedding! :)

Did you do anything special for your ring bearers? 


An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Super cute idea! The boys are going to LOVE them, I'm sure!

Andrea said...

Cute idea! :) They will love them for sure!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Kids are definitely going to enjoy that! Awesome idea!

Saying I do said...

soo cute!!

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