Monday, June 6, 2011

1 Week 4 Days Left!

Since I missed the 2 weeks mark... 
I thought I'd write up a little 1 week and 4 days left until the wedding post! :) 
At 2 weeks 'til the wedding day, my sweet bloggie friend, the lovely 
Also a bride to be... With her wedding day, the day after mine! ;) 
Sent me a celebratory tweet!
"2 weeks til marriage! Eep!" 
Eep is right! ;) It's coming fast now!

We've been busy, busy trying to get all the last minute details taken care of!
So... to recap.... 

In case you missed this post... About the Wallow Fire in southeastern Arizona...
Or haven't watched any major news network in the last week or so...
Our wedding venue is in right there by what is about to break the record for the second largest wildfire ever in the state of Arizona. Yep... So that's been interesting. 
We do have a back up plan for anyone who is wondering... 
And as I posted on facebook and twitter this morning, 

"Hey friends! Just want to let everyone know that we are well aware of the Wallow Fire. At this point we may or MAY NOT have to change the location of the wedding. If we do, it will STILL be in the area close by, so majority of plans will not need to be changed. If you have a room in Alpine and need to get one elsewhere, we will let you know ASAP. 
We AREN'T panicking so neither should you! :)"

So there you have it. We have it under control. :) 
And it will work out. 
With that said, thanks to everyone for their concern... But I'm doing ok, so far anyway! :) 

MOVING on...

The guys shirts will be here on Wednesday! 
Thank goodness because that was a HUGE chore we needed to get done! 
Also, this morning I did a check and it seems all the bridesmaids have dresses, shoes, and accessories pretty much handled. 

Had a hair issue this last week... 
The girl that WAS going to do it, can't make it. We even  had a hair trial and all... 
But honestly, it's cool! 
Everyone keeps expecting me to be freaking out over stuff... Should I be? :) 
Anyway, I have a sweet friend that is going to do another hair trial within the next day or so... And if it all works out, she will be doing my hair. So that's taken care of also. 

My bridesmaid gifts are all but finished... I just have a few finishing touches and they'll be done!!! I worked on a little something over the weekend for them... and I am THRILLED with how it turned out! Can't wait to share it with them and then with you all! :)

My sweet almost sister-in-law, Brianne, came over this weekend as well and we worked on the paper pom poms to hang from the ceiling! 
Thanks to her genius, we even have a better way to transport them to the wedding without having them tear or go flat!

Tonight I will be working on our "In memory" table for those loved ones that have passed away... I hope it turns out lovely. 
I'm also working on wedding programs. I wasn't going to have them initially, but I decided it would be a nice  and inexpensive touch. 

We're also working on our song list for the DJ. We have our first dance song all picked out. :) And I love it. Think it really fits us! 
Just a quick story... Mr. M left Saturday morning to go to his bachelor day with the guys... After he had been gone awhile, my phone rang and it was him... I said hello and all I could hear was our song blaring over the radio!!!
Then he says, "Did you hear it? Ok, love you." 
What a sweetheart, right!?!?! Sealed the deal, our song for sure! :)

So... Also a heads up! I am obviously going to take the week around my wedding day off from blogging... I already have some fabulous guest posters lined up with some great wedding day tips, tricks and advice! Hope you'll pay them some bloggie love while I'm gone!!! :)

Have a lovely week friends! 

And please, continue to pray for Arizona and the containment of the fires throughout the entire state. 



TexaGermaNadian said...

You are so good and organized! Almost here :) And I will still be keeping ya'll in my thoughts!

Mrs. Ali said...

Oh man!! It's getting so close!!! I'm so excited for you!! Just remember to get lots of sleep no matter what happens ;) I remember being so happy and so nervous at the same time, and I live in AZ so I'm definitely praying for your wedding to be ok!

Best of luck dear!!

Teenage Bride said...

I know you must be bursting with excitement!!!

God bless.

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