Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Best Cake Baker or A Fun Bridal Shower Game

A couple of weekends back, my maid of honor, Miss Kayli... my Mom and Kayli's friend, Katie hosted a FUN bridal shower in my hometown at my parents' house!

To start things off, they sat me in the middle of the room with all the ingredients needed to bake a homemade cake. Flour, sugar, oil, baking soda, etc. They even provided me with all the spoons, measure cups, etc. needed to mix the cake. 
They didn't, however, give me measurements or any instructions for what was to go in.... 

The whole point was to see how well I could improvise as a new wife in the kitchen. :)
After a few minutes of me staring blankly at the pile of things in front of me... 

Kayli is quite proud of herself for that spectacle I'm sure... hahaha!!!
My sister took pity on me and gave me a list of measurements. All that was missing was what the measurements were for... 
So the list looked like this: 
3 cups
2 teaspoons
1/2 cup
It was up to me to decide how much of what ingredients to put in the bowl to make a cake. 

Yep... You can tell I was a master at this... ;)
Let's just say it was HILARIOUS!!! 
My Nana was sitting to my left whispering to add the sugar and flour first... My Aunt Betty was sitting to my right whispering, "Think wet ingredients first."
Finally after measuring everything in, Kayli stuck it in the oven to bake.

In the meantime, we played a "Who knows Kassi the Best" game!
The questions were things about me of course... 
And the guests had to write down their answers. 
Some of the questions were:
What year did Kassi graduate high school?
What was her major in college?
What's her favorite color?

In the end, my Aunt Betty and my friend Lacy, from high school tied! 
My Aunt Betty very nicely gave up the prize to Lacy claiming it wasn't fair she'd won because she was family.... And had known me longer. :)

Once the cake was finished, Kayli iced it in chocolate icing and brought it out to try!!!
My mom bravely agreed to try it with me first....

Tasting my homemade, without directions, cake!
Disregarding my face in that picture up there... It tasted like cake!!! 
I call that a baking on the fly success!!!

Little Miss Corryn, enjoying the party
I really had such a great time with those two games... The cake baking was SO FUNNY and the answers to who knew me best were interesting for sure... :) 

So... two games I would REALLY recommend if you're hosting a bridal shower or other wedding get together! They were a BLAST!!!

More on the Hometown Shower to come!


Mrs. Ali said...

That sounds so awesome! And hilarious! Glad it all worked out ok!!

Anna said...

That sounds so fun, especially the cake game. I'd never heard of that one before! :)

Kamie said...

What a fun game!

Allison said...

Found you from FTLB and I love this cake game for a bridal shower. I would have sat blankly for a while too! Haha.

Nicole-Lynn said...

What a fun game! haha

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