Monday, May 30, 2011

Livin' on Arizona time!

We have friends and family coming from a few different states to celebrate our wedding with us in just a couple of weeks... 

Our invitations read that the ceremony will start at 5:00 PM...
 HOWEVER... it was not specified on our invites what time zone that would be. 
The wedding is in Arizona, so we assumed AZ time would be obvious.
But it's not. 

My tip for you if you live on or close to a state border where people tend to ask, 
"What time do you mean? This time or that time?"
Make sure you note that on your invitations. 
You don't want to risk any number of guests showing up an hour late or early because of the confusion!!!

 My solution to our little time problem... 
To post it everywhere that we mean ARIZONA time. 

  5:00 PM AZ TIME
Facebook, my blog, twitter, our wedding website. 
Hopefully through that and word of mouth we'll get the word out what time our ceremony actually starts so our guests won't be confused!

And while we're talking about confusion, really look over your invitations before sending them to print! If there's a chance of ANY confusion with ANYTHING, that's the time to make a note and add a little blurb somewhere. Having your guests make it to your wedding is more important than a small note on your lovely invites!!!  

Something to keep in mind, huh... :)

Did you have a time zone issue with your wedding?? 
How'd you handle it?
Did guests get confused and show up at the wrong time??


Kamie said...

O no I just thought of this as I was reading your blog! Omaha time will be one hour later than Colorado time- thanks for posting this!!!

TexaGermaNadian said...

Ha, that is actually pretty funny. I had no idea that it could be so confusing! I am sure everyone will be there on time...and if anything, early :)

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

lol, seriously?! That's just too funny. I would imagine most people would just assume it would be the time of the state they're in? But, silly me, what do I know. I'm sure everyone will be there right on time :)

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