Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bridal Shower Recap - Games and Hostess Gifts

*Yep... Another picture heavy post... Again, be forewarned. :)

The games at the bridal shower were hilarious!
The first game, Brianne and Meg had each table team up to make the BEST looking wedding veil/head piece with toilet paper and items on their table. 

Ashley and Aunt Diane

Charli, Megan and Kayli

 We had two young girls at my table, so we dressed them both up!
Everyone was cracking up the whole time and claiming everyone else was cheating...

Miss Hailey

Megan really worked it! ;)

All the toilet paper models!
 For the other game, Meg had me leave and then asked everyone to write down everything I was wearing... Guess who won?? My FABULOUS Maid of Honor (and sister) Kayli!
She knows me well! haha!

For hostess gifts, I have each of the girls a potted GERBERA DAISY plant!
I was SO excited to find them, since they're my wedding flowers!
And a nice thank you card of course!!

There were three, for Meghan, Brianne, 
and (maid) Kayce who helped with the evening party!

So.. there's ONE more recap of the FUN after the bridal shower party to come soon!!

And don't forget to enter the Tights Please giveaway!!
There will be TWO winners drawn on May 17th!!


Jessa said...

I really like the toilet paper veil. That has to be a challenge! Stopping in from FTLOB.

TexaGermaNadian said...

Too cute! You really are having a great time with all these showers. Ya'll did a great job with those head pieces! lol

Saying I do said...

gotta love the toilet paper games! Those look fantastic! cute hostess gifts too:)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Looks like FUN! :)

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