Thursday, May 19, 2011

Girls Night Out!

I have attempted to write this post SO many times... 
Not because of the post itself... But because blogger has been having issues... 
So apologies for the missing posts, missing comments and what not that came from that whole mess!!!

I had yet ANOTHER fabulous time with some LOVELY ladies this last weekend!
My bridesmaid Charli, and friends Jamie and Kaeli hosted a lingerie shower for me on Saturday, back in my college town! :)
They even furnished me with some lovely accessories to go with my outfit! 
I had a light up crown, glowing diamond ring, and a flashing bride to be mug!!!

 The theme of the night was pink and zebra!!! The girls had zebra and pink streamers, undies taped up on the walls (which I got to keep!), bachelorette balloons and signs!!! 
It looked AWESOME!!!

 Apologies for the fuzzy photos... Don't know what happened with that. 
But perhaps it's better to leave out some of the more risque details.... Haha!!

Kaeli, playing the ring toss game
Meghan Jo
We played an interesting ring toss game.... ;) 
The winner, Miss Jamie took home a beautiful cross wall hanging as a prize from Charli!

I opened some AMAZING gifts from the girls!!! :)

 I even had two gifts mailed from friends that couldn't make it to the party!! 
I really have the best friends eva!!! ;)
Me, Meghan Jo, Kaeli and Jamie
We played cards and ate some yummy dinner.

Me, Meghan Jo, Kaeli and Charli
 Then, before going out for the night, we all had to have some jello shots!!! 
I couldn't resist including this picture of Kaeli! :)

We went out to good ol' Graham's, the bar we used to frequent in college and had a fun time hanging out, having drinks and dancing the night away!
The bride to be mug may or may not have been a casualty at the door since the bouncer wouldn't let me take it in... :( haha... 

I thanked my sweet hostesses, Charli, Jamie and Kaeli with some 

The packaging was PERFECT and they smelled SO good! The girls seemed to really love them! So if you need a hostess gift idea... *wink wink*. 

I just want to say a quick thank you to all the girls that have hosted and are hosting events to help me celebrate my wedding!!! Mr. M and I both appreciate all you have/are doing and are so BLESSED to have such AMAZING friends!!!
Love you all!!!

Have a lovely weekend friends!!!
I will be headed home tomorrow afternoon to celebrate the high school graduation of my Maid of Honor... my little sister, Kayli. 



Hawkins Family said...

Looks like a FUN night!! That does look like an interesting "RING" toss game :)

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Can I just say how much I love that you hung the panties over the wall with the crosses? LOL, naughty girls :) Glad you had fun!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Awww looks like a FUN time! Glad you had a nice night with your girls! Cute pics! I'll get around to posting about mine soon.. yikes, it's been forever lol

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