Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One MONTH to go!

We are at the 1 Month til the Wedding Day point!!!

A lot has gotten done in the last week or so, but there is still a LOT to do...

Things that have been done:

*Wedding bands ordered for both bride and groom
Had a little mishap with Kay's... 
Apparently when you order and have it shipped to their store, the name on the credit card is the ONLY person that can pick it up... So, long story short I had to call and cancel that ring and order a new one to have shipped elsewhere. But I think we're good now. 
We also had a little mishap with the groom's wedding band... 
Apparently you have to meet and greet your mail carrier so that they know you are for sure living in your house for them to leave your mail in your mail box... Which we didn't do... 
I guess submitting a change of address is not enough... Another long story short, I called the company and they so amazingly shipped out another ring to replace the ring that the mail carrier had sent back.  
~My wedding planning tip for you as learned from this experience... DEFINITELY do NOT wait til the last minute to order ANYTHING! Especially something as important as the wedding bands. If we would've waited we would have had MAJOR issues because of this... 

*We paid a visit to the venue over Mother's Day weekend and have lots of fun ideas and a better grasp on things that need to be done! 
We were also able to book condos right next to the clubhouse for the night of the wedding. That means me and my groom will have a place to sleep the night of now! And the wedding party will be able to stumble across the parking lot to their beds after the party! ;)

*We've decided on bridesmaid shoes and accessories. 
The girls will be wearing black heels or wedges of their choice, as long as they look nice with their dress. :) 

*I researched local wedding license requirements.
And will be sharing a post on that sometime soon. 

*Thank you notes for my first bridal shower and the lingerie party this weekend have all been written and sent out!  
AND as we receive gifts in the mail, thank you notes are promptly written and sent! Really trying to stay on top of this one!!!

*All invitation have been addressed, stamped and sent out! 
I'm pretty sure we are single handily supporting the U.S. Postal Service with all the stamps I've purchased in the last month! I'll also be back with another post on those soon!

*We've changed the entire idea for our wedding dinner. 
AND my darling aunt and uncle have offered to cover it for us for our wedding gift!!!
More on that later as well!

So... As you can see, lots of fun posts coming up! :)

How's everyone's wedding planning coming? 
A few of my engaged friends over there on the right sidebar have tied the knot over the last few weeks! Congrats to all the happy couples!!! 

Were you/are you freaking out at the one month point? I am a little... But I feel like I've gotten a lot done this week, so things are good. 

Happy Wednesday!! And wish us luck as we squeeze it all into the month left to go! :)


LesleyRH said...

Congrats and best wishes!!!

THERESA M said...

Congratulations! How exciting!

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