Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wedding Recaps - Random Group Shots

We had only a few minutes before the start of the ceremony after our first look photos
But we used that time to take a few fun group shots. :)

The golf carts where a fun party of our day! 
Tessie, our wedding day coordinator used them to run around making sure things were going as planned... 
And they played an integral part in our ceremony arrival... And departure... 
But more on that later. :)

 I love these sweet girls. 
Our two older nieces where there while Mindy was doing my hair... 
And the stinkers kept telling her to do a good job. :) Love them. 
Arina, my sister in law made the rope baskets that they carried rose petals in as our adorable flower girls. 
(I have one on my coffee table now and just love it!)
Rose petals... In a bright orange/red color were the only live petals we could get the day before. 
But they worked just fine. :)

Remember how I said it had rained and was SUPER muddy. 
Gotta love this shot of Mr. M with the girls in their tennis shoes and sandals. :) 
No... they didn't wear these during the ceremony... haha. 
Just anytime they could get away with NOT sinking in the mud in their heels. :)

And then with the guys. :) They INSISTED on doing a holding me up picture. Haha. 
But like I said when I posted these to FB... You can see who's doing all the work here. And yep, that's my brother, Brent. He was the one on the far right in this picture.

We had the funnest group of people with us for our wedding party!
If you can't tell... heehee.  I'm so glad we snuck in a few fun pics with them.

Did you make a point to take some fun pictures with your wedding party??
Or strictly posed? What would you prefer to do?
Until next time. :)


Jodi said...

great pictures! :)

Anna said...

Love these!

Our professional pictures were strictly posed, but we took alot of candids with my friend's cameras. :)

I think that candid shots are fun and everyone should at least have a few of those!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I'm so frustrated I can't view these at work! :( I'm sure they're gorgeous. When I get some free time I'll be sure to check them out at home!

Happy for you girlie! :)

Saying I do said...

we did some fun photos with our whole bridal party BUT we did not get one of me with the groomsmen and Chris with the bridesmaids!! ARRRGG why!?!! These are great, I love the one of them holding you up!

Irish Italian Blessings said...

Aww love these! The girls dresses are adorable, the sneakers are sooo fun, and the guys holding you up is classic! We had a boy band picture for the guys and a group "zoolander" shot, those came out really well and are always fun to look at!

Lori Anderson, Pretty Things said...

Oh how adorable are those checked dresses????

Sara said...

those lil girls are too precious!! so fun!

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