Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wedding Recaps - Getting Ready

I did my own makeup on my wedding day.


I bought a few new items (lip stain and gloss) and had a trial run a few days before the wedding at home. 

I wanted to look like myself, but a little more done up. Mr. M approved. :) 

My friend, Mindy, did my hair. 

She was such a sweetheart! 
We had a trial run at her house a week or so before and I loved it! 
Take note here friends... Mindy is not a hair stylist. 
But she always does her own hair just gorgeous...
she practiced and the day of, made my hair look lovely. 
For free. Yep. Super excited about that one... :)

If you're looking for ways to save money, there's two of the biggies 
- makeup and hair!!

Miss Mindy also did Kayli's hair. 
Love Kayli's face in this picture! 
Have NO idea what it was about though... haha!

We had two other lovelies, (besides Mindy) there helping with hair also. 
We saved LOTS of money going that route! 
But MADE sure to have practice runs beforehand to make sure the girls were happy. 
They arranged those themselves, so thanks girls for working that one out! 

Bridesmaid Megan did two of the flower girls' hair. 
Their mom's did the other two girls up very pretty also. 

My mom and sister helped me into my dress. 

I wore Mr. M's mom's diamond necklace. 
And a pretty ring that belonged to my Granny. 

Then it was downstairs for some girl time.... 


Teenage Bride said...

aw you look lovely!

Monique {Oh Darling Bride} said...

Oh my you look GORGEOUS! That dress... wow!

Great tips too. I did my own make-up but I don't think I saved much because I ended up buying the expensive stuff I would never usually buy. It was fun though and I was happy with the result. You're so luck you had a friend who could do your hair. She did an awesome job!

Crown'd Vic said...

So pretty!!! You looked stunning :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

love the last picture...your dress was gorgeous!

Stesha said...

these pictures are beautiful!!! Congrats!

Classic & Bubbly

Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

Beautiful bride!

Saying I do said...

you did a a great job on your makeup and your friend did a fantastic job on your hair! Very talented ladies!

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