Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedding Recaps - The Girls

So... Where did we leave off... 
Oh that's right, we girls were enjoying a few drinks while it was sprinkling outside... :)
We finally decided we were going to run out of time if we didn't get something going, so rain and all we stepped outside to get started on the girls group shots. 

Our first attempts were under ledges, inside on the stairs... 
anywhere we wouldn't get soaked. 
But as we went along... It let up... Then it stopped!

See! We're happy it stopped raining! :) 

So in these first few pictures, I am wearing these heels. 

But it had just come a good downpour, so needless to say, it was a little muddy... 
My heels kept sinking into the mud! What's a girl to do?

See ya high heels! Hello zebra boots! :) 
It took all the girls and my mom to help me out of my heels and into my socks and boots. 
That dress! I tell you! haha! But much more comfy for sure! 
And did I change back into heels before the ceremony, you ask?!?
Nope. And no one was the wiser. I was more comfortable and life was great! :)


Mrs. Ali said...

It totally rained on my wedding day too!! But I went out in the rain anyways cuz my hair was plastered with hairspray hahahaha ;) Love the boots though

The Coolidges said...

You are rockin' those boots. Way to go!


TexaGermaNadian said...

You girls got attitude! Love it. Cute boots too.

Jodi said...

Oh my gosh the boots are too cute!
Love the color of the dresses.

Saying I do said...

haha good for you! I LOVE them!

Crown'd Vic said...

I absolutely LOVE the zebra boots. hehe, we think alike :)


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