Monday, November 8, 2010

Deer Hunting Day 1

Mr. M and I put in for deer in New Mexico this year and we got drawn! Yay! So this last weekend, we went on our deer hunt. I had the best time!

Day 1 we parked and walked the hills behind town for several hours. Here you can see Mr. M walking in front of me. He said he was proud of me for keeping up with him! I just laughed cause I used to have to keep up with my dad when we went hunting. The hills here were nothing compared to that... :) You can see I had to sneak a picture of him from behind, cause he hates getting his picture taken... 

After walking for a good while I realized that I am SO out of shape.... I definitely discovered a GREAT pre-wedding workout. It's a shame we can't arrange to go hunting every weekend... I really think that would speed up my getting in shape before June!!

This is the view of the mountain and the canyon below it. We were almost directly behind Mr. M's house right here... Several miles of course, but it would've been right in front of us (the other direction). We thought this little canyon was so cool. We saw alot of deer sign in it but there were SO many people around. On almost every hill you could see someone walking or a pickup parked. If there had been any deer there they were long gone and hiding! We didn't see a single deer that morning... So we decided to head to a different place that afternoon.

That brought us to the Silver Creek area. We parked at the old silver mine and walked WAY back into the canyons there. We kept thinking there had to be deer there, so we kept going and going... Over every little mountain, there would just be another little mountain. Then we climbed to the top of this HUGE mountain and we could see all the little valleys below. It was amazing!!

Here, Mr. M is trying to use his gun scope to see if there was anything below us (we didn't have any good binoculars). We were sitting below a tree almost at the top of this big bluff. It was so neat there!

Anyway... We ended up not getting, or seeing, anything the first day... But we had a great time checking out some new places and spending alot of time together... AND we walked several miles. We were both wore out when we got home...

So I would say Day 1 was a success!!!

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