Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Ring!

I just realized I haven't talked about my ring! Or Mr. M's proposal!

The proposal was VERY Mr. M!!! You hear of these people proposing on the big screen at ball games. Or in front of a group of family and friends. Not us. Mr. M is a very private man.... I wouldn't even say shy, just private. He doesn't want any attention drawn to him... he'd rather hang back and let someone else stand in the spotlight.

Our proposal was very private. Quite representative of my fiance and his style. We were at home, watching tv, lounging on the couch when he asked if I might want to look at rings on the Internet. As I've said before, we live in a very rural area and a quick jont to the jewelry store would've needed a full day's trip, at the very least. So the Internet it was...

Sometime awhile before I had mentioned that I liked the princess cut diamonds. And Mr. M had remembered... He guided me to a specific princess cut solitaire which I agreed I liked very much. Then he left the room.

When he came back he had a small, ring sized box in his pocket... :) He got down on one knee right there in the living room and asked me to marry him.

Just me. Just him. And a beautiful princess cut, solitaire diamond. Perfect.

Of course I said Yes!!!

Thank you Kay Jewelers and of course, Mr. M!!!


Franknkaren said...

This is so cool Kassi!

Kassi said...

Thank you Karen!!! It's so fun writing!!!

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