Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We set the Date!!!

We set the date for our summer wedding!!! It's set for June 18, 2011! We actually set it a few weeks ago, but since I just started this blog, I'm kind of writing in retrospect. Don't want to leave out anything important.... And setting the date is one of THE most important steps in wedding planning!

I also joined and with that comes lots of little wedding planning perks! One of those perks is a fun little wedding countdown ticker...

Wedding Countdown Ticker

I've been placing it on everything... Helps to show how much longer I have to get all of my wedding plans together!

I had a mini panic attack the other day when I placed it on my other blog. I realized that I only had 7 months and one week to go at the time. In the world of wedding planning that doesn't seem like much...

I also have a personalized to-do list from TheKnot! You enter your wedding date and it spreads your to-dos out through those months until the big day. In my mini panic attack, as mentioned earlier, I also realized I had something like 70 OVERDO to-dos... AHHH!!!

Then I took a minute, looked over those OVERDOS and found that most of them didn't even really apply to me as I am having a small town wedding where scheduling things half a year in advance isn't exactly required. It's not like I have to beat any of the other small town girls to the field (for an outdoor wedding) or the one usable venue because there aren't many girls getting married all at once. :)

You'll be glad to know that I worked through it and fought off mini panic attack Numero Uno! I'm sure it won't be the last one I am overwhelmed with, so I was glad to have handled that one with grace... heehee.

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