Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deer Hunting Day 2

Day 2 of Deer Hunting started out with us going back behind Mr M.'s house again and walking the hills... Again we saw NOTHING, so we headed back into town. As we were driving through town, we passed his cousin's house and saw that two of his cousins had each gotten a buck. When Mr. M asked them where they'd found them they said, "Not around here!!"
So Mr M. decided we needed to look else where. We called my dad who said he'd take us out so we drove up there. We spent the afternoon driving around with my mom and dad. It was a good time! Only I was pretty sleepy by then and kept nodding off... :) Anyway, we ended up seeing some elk and finally right before dark, we saw four doe. But again, no bucks.

The trip was worth it though because we took Mr. M to see some really neat places in the mountains that I had been to, but he had never gotten to see. And I had never taken any pictures, so I took a few.  This one is of the ruins in the area. The picture on the left is of an Indian house sort of carved into the rocks. Mom took a picture of Mr. M and I inside the little "house"... I'll get her to send me that one and maybe post it later.

It looks like they either pulled rocks out of the side of mountain to make little storage areas, or maybe they carved these circles into the rock... I'm not sure, but they make nice little cubby holes.

After leaving the ruins, we drove around some more and then finally headed out towards the main road. Up high in the cliffs along the road you can see another one of these living spaces carved into the side of the mountain. Below it, right along the side of the road is the large rock with petroglyphs drawn on it.

We like to go look at fun things like this... So again, even though we didn't get a deer again the second day, we got to hang out with my parentals and got to see some really neat places.

Day 2 of deer hunting = no deer, but still a success! :) Maybe I have a completely skewed viewpoint of what a successful deer hunt actually is...

But even if I do, Mr. M ended up getting a buck yesterday while I was at work. I'm kinda sad I missed the whole event, but I'm proud of Mr. M! It was his first time all by himself and he took care of the whole thing very nicely! So our deer tags weren't completely wasted... I was feeling kinda bad about not getting to use them cause my sweet little Granny paid for our deer tags as my graduation present. But I think we did her proud!!! Love and miss you Granny Ma! <3

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Kayli said...

I bet Granny had a fun time watching! haha She probably set you up. She liked making people work for it... :)

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