Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet Kassi and Mr. M

Introducing the bride and groom! <3

The Bride - Miss Kassi

I am 25 years old... Just getting started in the "real" world having graduated with my MBA in December 2010. I actually have a day job, which is a wonderful thing in this economy, and I really love! Blogging, and all things Internet really, are my fun things to waste time and just enjoy myself. :)
I love bright colors, fun with my friends and most of all spending time with Mr. M and our two dogs.

The Groom - Mr. M

Mr. M is my cowboy. He rides and trains horses for a living (at least for right now). We have the same Bachelors degree in Agricultural Science. Mr. M's passion is team roping. He'd rather be roping than doing anything else. Which is great! Gotta love a man with a passion for something!

We have known each other since we were  young (10-11 years old). We reconnected in college and "dated" off and on for the first two or so years...

Our anniversary, at least the one we use, is the first time we said I Love You, because we're not sure what other date to go off of... :) It'll be 5 years since that day this coming April.

Nate proposed April 2010 on our "anniversary" and since then I have been in wedding planning mode! So far I know I would like a western-ish theme and bright, beautiful colors! That being said, I've already changed my mind once from an original idea... But I feel like western/bright is really who Nate and I are as a couple. 

We both come from small towns in the southwest (NM and AZ) so a small town, western, but still fun and bright wedding is right up our alley!!!

Nice to meet you! Um... blog style. :)

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