Friday, November 5, 2010

My First Blog Entry!!!!

Hello blogging world... So it turns out there are several people on my in-law side of the family with their own blog. Needless to say I was kind of sad to discover some of them have had blogs for months, even years, and I was so far behind in the blogging community that I didn't even know it.

So I created a blogger account and began searching for the blogs of my family and friends... I found several. Then thinking I was clever I told my sister, Kayli, I had created a blog and that she should create one too! I thought it would be right up her alley! Not only was I correct... but I was BEHIND again... Kayli already has a blog too!!!

I'm usually up on the new technologies, so being behind as a blogger has really hit my ego... haha. So, NOW I have my very own blog!!! You can be jealous. Oh wait... everyone else already has one... Oh well. ;) From now on I will try to keep up.

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