Thursday, June 30, 2011

We are licensed to wed! :)

On Tuesday we marched ourselves into the county courthouse... 
Up three flights of stairs to the Clerk's Office and bought ourselves a wedding license. 
We are now the proud carriers of a license to wed in the state of Arizona!

Mr. M was nervous because all he had with him was his driver's license. He was worried they would ask for a social security card or something and that was all at home... 
But they didn't! They didn't even ask for ID! 

They asked us to fill out a form with our names, socials, etc.. Typed it up while we waited a few minutes and called us back up to the window. She asked us to review everything to make sure it was correct... 
I skimmed over the parts she had typed in but Mr. M read the entire thing... Laughing the whole time. 
When I looked at what he was reading... 
"and do solemnly swear I am of no relation to Kassi..." 
He thought that was hilarious. 

To make things even more funny... She asked us to raise our right hands and repeat after her... It was basically this is my name, this is my birth date and I solemnly swear we are not related. 
Couldn't help it... like two kids we were giggling away. 
I know that's serious stuff in some places... But come on... You just gotta laugh. 

And for the record, Mr. M and I are not related. We swore to it Tuesday. Haha!

Another check mark on my Knot wedding checklist
That list is really starting to dwindle... YAY!!!

Completed TaskGet the marriage license and make appointments for blood tests (if necessary). 
Check when the license expires.

If you wanna know more on getting a marriage license in the state of AZ, you can read this post.
No blood tests needed. :)

9 days until our wedding!!! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bubblewrapp'd Wedding Blocks

Do you know Andrea of Bubblewrapp'd? 
She is a SWEETHEART!!! 


She has a FABULOUS Etsy Shop!
A fun blog and is one of the BESTest (that's a new word) twitter buddies eva!

If you haven't heard of her yet... Do click any of those links and go check out her awesomeness... Please. You'll be stoked you did. ;)

Anyway... enough of the gushing... 
I won a certificate to her Etsy shop from the other Andrea of Keepin' It Thrifty
Shout out to awesome Andrea's everywhere! ;)

And look what came in the mail a few weeks ago! 

SO cute right! Actually bubble wrapped even! 
This chick does NOT false advertise! haha!

Our initials and wedding date with the cutest little 'i do' block! :)

Andrea will customize the colors for you of course! Obviously I chose turquoise!
They will make a nice little decoration at our wedding and then a fun decor item in our home after the wedding as well!

Check out this FABULOUS listing in her Etsy shop now! 
You can get your own Wedding Set! 
For ONLY $15!!! 
What a steal, right?!? 

The Wedding Set.

After our wedding date change fiasco, Miss Andrea sweetly offered to change the date on the large block to our new date in July. 
I just sent it back to her and she changed the date for me! 
I had planned on taking a picture of it last night but with other wedding projects happening I forgot... It looks just like that one up there but with the new date anyway. :)

Can't wait to set these out at our wedding and then use them in our home after! 
Thanks Andrea! SO much!!!
And thanks to Andrea of Keepin' It Thrifty for holding the giveaway that got me these lovelies! You girls are the BEST!!!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Well Wishes from Disney!

After seeing Laura's (of Saying I Do) post on sending wedding invitations to Disneyland and Disney World, I decided it would be fun to send one of our invitations too! :) 

Well, we received our wedding well wishes back from Disney!

I LOVED Cinderella as a little one... 
So I was SUPER excited to receive wedding congrats signed by 
Cinderella and her Prince Charming. ;)
It was sent from Disney World. 


We also received congrats from Mickey and Minnie Mouse!
They even sent a fun button! :) (A Cinderalla button even!!)
Sent from Disneyland. 

How fun is that?!?! 
You can send a wedding invitation to Disney and they'll send you a little something back as congrats on your wedding! :) 

If you have an extra invitation or two, the addresses for sending wedding invitations to Disney World and Disneyland are:

Disney World:
The Magic Kingdom
C/O Mickey & Minnie Mouse
1675 N Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Micky & Minnie
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, California 91521

I think we might frame these and hang them in the guest bedroom or the craft room/office. 
They'll make a fun memento from our wedding! :)
Even if the date on the Cinderella certificate is wrong now... haha. Oh well... 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ring Bearer Goody Bags

Moms of my ring bearers... Look away! 
This is a surprise for your little guys! ;)

We have four ring bearers in our wedding! 
Four fun little guys! :)
My (our) nephew, Kase. Mr. M's (our) nephews Chancey and Marcus. 
And my bestie's little man, Ryan. 

I really wanted to give them a little something for being part of our special day. 
BUT without spending a ton of money. 

Enter the dollar store!!!
I was able to purchase paper bags, and some goodies to go inside all for around $10. :)

I used plain brown paper lunch bags and wrote each boy's name in puff paint. 

I let the paint dry over night. 
Then stuffed each bag full of fun goodies. 

The dollar store has these little "Pack and Play" packs for $1 each. 
Inside are crayons, pictures to color and stickers. 
Each ring bearer received either a Toy Story or Cars pack in their goody bag!
I also included some bubbles, and toy dinosaurs. 
Just enough goodies to entertain four little guys! :)

Once the bags were stuffed, I folded over the tops and stapled them closed. 

Then they went in the box with the flower girl goody bags to be taken to the wedding! :)

Did you do anything special for your ring bearers? 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Break... And Salt River Canyon

You know the BEST remedy for wedding planning blues???
Going on a weekend trip with the hubs to be!!

After the wedding date change last week and all that stress I needed a break. 
So we loaded up the truck and trailer and went up to Show Low, Arizona to a team roping for the weekend. 

The pickup and horse trailer parked in a pullout coming down into Salt River Canyon
To get to Show Low from where we live, the road leads you through Salt River Canyon, Arizona. 
It's a fairly dangerous, crazy sloping road... 
You are bound to smell smoking breaks and see lots of tire marks. 
In other words it's a WHOLE lot of down hill, then back up the other side driving.

BUT... it's a most BEAUTIFUL place.  

View of the canyon
The cutouts in the rocks are amazing and when you stand on the edge you feel SO high up and a little reckless that it takes your breath away. 

View of the bluffs
During your wedding planning sometimes you're going to need a break. 
And regardless of where you go... 
As long as you go with your sweetie and have a good time... 
those are amazing memories made... 
that are just as important as the wedding planning madness, if not more so. ;)

Me and the Mister, Salt River Canyon

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Night Out with My AZ Girls!!

On June 4th, Mr. M's best man put together a fun filled Saturday for the guys. 
They went golfing during the afternoon then had an invitational team roping in his honor! :)
He says he had a really good time!

While they were doing their guy thing the girls decided to do our own thing! ;)
First we met for dinner and drinks. 

Clockwise from me (the one in the crown... heehee) Kayce, Tammy, Brianne, Jackie, Mindy, Rhonda, Susie
Then bar hopping around our smallish Arizona town. 
Since we technically just moved here, I had only been to one place. 
But after that Saturday I added two more to my belt! :)

Dancing at Bar #1! :)
A HUGE thanks to all the lovely ladies that came and hung out, and had a BLAST!!! 
It was the best time, because it was a group of "married-up" ladies that weren't worrying about guy chasing and what not and just enjoyed a complete GIRLS only night on the town! 
If you haven't done one yet in your wedding get togethers... 
Do one. Definitely! :)

Thanks to bridesmaid, Kayce, for providing me with a lovely Bachelorette crown and sash to wear for the night! :) We even got the band to sign my sash at Bar #1! :)

Rhonda, Mindy, Me, Kayce
AND thanks to Mindy for my AWESOME pink and zebra wine glass! 
That we couldn't take with us, so failed to get into any pictures. But I LOVE IT! :)

I've said it before... But it won't hurt to say it again... I am TRULY blessed with some of the BEST women in my life. Men too... But the ladies are SO STINKIN' FUN! :)

P.S. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers over the Wallow Fire and our decision to postpone our wedding. So far we seem to have gotten the word out pretty well that it has been moved to July 9th. As of today the fire is 18% contained and that number is growing. SO please, prayers... don't cease! :)
Thank you!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Wedding Announcement & Some Little Pretties

As of last night, we decided to move our wedding date out from 
June 18th to July 9th 
because of the Wallow Fire

Map of the Wallow Fire as of June 9, 2011. Source.
For those that don't know, our wedding is planned for Alpine, Arizona. 
Right, smack dab in the middle of the Wallow Fire chaos. 
We debated on moving it to a different location and going ahead with it, but when it comes down to it, postponing it is our best option. 
This way it will be a fun filled, low-stress, easier for everyone to come day.
Exactly what we want. 
And it will be good for the area once their recovery efforts start for people to keep visiting and supporting the local economy!!!

So.. This morning I have been working on getting the word out. 
Please friends, keep the White Mountain and surrounding areas in your prayers. 
People have lost their homes. Pray for them. Please.
My parents live in a small community (my hometown) that is STILL on pre-evacuation notice. They could be asked to leave the home where I grew up at anytime.
So again, please pray for those affected and for the AMAZING fire fighters that are missing their families and enduring LONG days to fight this fire. 

In the meantime... On a happier, lighter note...
Because happiness is what we all need a little bit of right now! 
Some little Pretties!!!

During my hometown bridal shower, I got to try on my wedding dress again for the final time before the big day!! So as not to ruin the surprise or stir up any bad luck and all that, no wedding dress pictures until after the wedding!!

BUT there were some pretty little misses who were quite excited to try on my veil. 
Every little girl dreams of a beautiful wedding!!
And these little ones got a fun tryout! :)
So for a wedding sneak peak... 
My wedding veil on three of my four lovely little flower girls!!! :)

Mom Brianne and little Miss Corryn
Ada Lee in my wedding veil
Little Miss Abby Gail 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hometown Shower Gifts and People

I received some LOVELY bridal shower gifts at the Hometown shower!

That's got to be one of the best parts of a bridal shower... Opening thoughtful presents from your friends and family for you and the hubs to be to add to your new home!!!

THE BEST, BEST part is getting to see friends and loved ones that you don't get to see very often!!!

Sister-in-law, Arina with her daughters and flower girls Abby and Ada
Shania, Carloyn, Susan and Aunt Betty
A SPECIAL thanks to Tammy for driving me to my Hometown shower! 
And to Brianne for helping load and unload gifts there and back at home!!!

Ada, Tammy, Brianne, Shania, and Carloyn watch as Corryn models some gift ribbon
Thanks SO MUCH AGAIN to everyone for everything wedding related or otherwise!!
We are truly blessed with the BEST friends and family!!

For a LOVELY Hometown Bridal Shower

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's not a Bridal Shower without a Toilet Paper game!!!

Another game we played at my Hometown Bridal Shower, was of course, making a toilet paper wedding dress. If you missed the first two games, you can read about them below. 

My mom served as dress judge so Kayli could play too!
Here she's mummifying... Um... dressing Katie. ;)
"It's not a bridal shower without a toilet paper game" Kayli proclaimed as she handed out toilet paper rolls. And really, she's right.... :)

We had three teams dressing models in toilet paper wedding dresses... 
Some were taking it crazy serious too! SO FUNNY!!!

One of the teams dressing flower girl, Ada as a toilet paper model! The little lovely, Abby, wearing glasses to the left is also a flower girl. As is little Miss Corryn on the right. 
The original idea with our toilet paper dress was wrapped around tight with a mermaid bottom... Um... You can see how that turned out. :)

Me wrapping Katie in the TP!!!
My Nana posing with the lovely "bride" Katie.... 
In the end... Because my team had a hot mess of toilet paper wrapped around Katie... 
The other two were at a tie... Mom, our judge, had them model their dresses to see if any toilet paper fell off... 

Ada and Shania modeling their "dresses"
It didn't! For either model!!! Katie's toilet paper was falling all over the place, so she was definitely out... HAHA!

The two lovely dresses... and Katie's wedding TP dress of shame.... BWAHAHA. 
SO... Judge Mom decided to give them both a prize!!!

Ada and Shania with their picture frame winnings!
Katie's last plea for the win... "But I have a rosette on my dress... That I have to hold on...."

Again, a FUN TIME had by all for sure!!! Thanks to Kayli, Mom and Katie!!!
Katie and Kayli and a HUGE pile of toilet paper
Next up... Hometown Bridal Shower Gifts!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Best Cake Baker or A Fun Bridal Shower Game

A couple of weekends back, my maid of honor, Miss Kayli... my Mom and Kayli's friend, Katie hosted a FUN bridal shower in my hometown at my parents' house!

To start things off, they sat me in the middle of the room with all the ingredients needed to bake a homemade cake. Flour, sugar, oil, baking soda, etc. They even provided me with all the spoons, measure cups, etc. needed to mix the cake. 
They didn't, however, give me measurements or any instructions for what was to go in.... 

The whole point was to see how well I could improvise as a new wife in the kitchen. :)
After a few minutes of me staring blankly at the pile of things in front of me... 

Kayli is quite proud of herself for that spectacle I'm sure... hahaha!!!
My sister took pity on me and gave me a list of measurements. All that was missing was what the measurements were for... 
So the list looked like this: 
3 cups
2 teaspoons
1/2 cup
It was up to me to decide how much of what ingredients to put in the bowl to make a cake. 

Yep... You can tell I was a master at this... ;)
Let's just say it was HILARIOUS!!! 
My Nana was sitting to my left whispering to add the sugar and flour first... My Aunt Betty was sitting to my right whispering, "Think wet ingredients first."
Finally after measuring everything in, Kayli stuck it in the oven to bake.

In the meantime, we played a "Who knows Kassi the Best" game!
The questions were things about me of course... 
And the guests had to write down their answers. 
Some of the questions were:
What year did Kassi graduate high school?
What was her major in college?
What's her favorite color?

In the end, my Aunt Betty and my friend Lacy, from high school tied! 
My Aunt Betty very nicely gave up the prize to Lacy claiming it wasn't fair she'd won because she was family.... And had known me longer. :)

Once the cake was finished, Kayli iced it in chocolate icing and brought it out to try!!!
My mom bravely agreed to try it with me first....

Tasting my homemade, without directions, cake!
Disregarding my face in that picture up there... It tasted like cake!!! 
I call that a baking on the fly success!!!

Little Miss Corryn, enjoying the party
I really had such a great time with those two games... The cake baking was SO FUNNY and the answers to who knew me best were interesting for sure... :) 

So... two games I would REALLY recommend if you're hosting a bridal shower or other wedding get together! They were a BLAST!!!

More on the Hometown Shower to come!

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