Friday, July 8, 2011

Wedding Week Guest Post - Wynn of Le Chic Wedding Consulting & Boutique

Hello lovelies!!! 
Our wedding day is TOMORROW!!! AH!!! So excited!!!
I would guess that right now we are headed to the venue to get the decorations set up and things ready for the rehearsal dinner tonight! 
While I'm busy pulling together last minute details and enjoying the arrival of family and friends for our BIG DAY... 

I would like to introduce you to the lovely 
Wynn Austin of Le Chic Wedding Consulting and Boutique!

She's here to share some wedding seating arrangement advice! 
Thanks SO much Wynn!!!

"The Most Common Last Minute Mistake: Seating Assignments!"
It happens almost every time. One of the biggest headaches that we see our couples encounter is the seating assignments. And rightfully so! At this point of their wedding planning, couples are tired of planning and are SO ready to be married. However, seating your guests properly, setting it up so that it is easy for them to find their seats, and display their food choice is extremely important! Not doing this properly can cause a lot of confusion, upset guests, and push your timeline behind causing the flow to get out of whack.

I wanted to share 3 of the MOST COMMON MISTAKES & ADVICE to make life a little easier for all the couples getting ready to get married out there!


1) Seating elderly guests near a door or by the band/DJ speakers: Always keep in mind that elderly guests tend to get colder, so do not seat them by an open door or a drafty place. They also do not like to be seated near the DJ Speakers or the loudest part of the room. Seat them further back in a place where it is easier for them to get in and out and is quieter.

2) Setting up the place cards, escort cards, or seating chart by table numbers instead of last name: This is the MOST COMMON mistake! As wedding planners sometimes we do not get the escort cards until the rehearsal and we see this all the time. When you set the seating assignments by table numbers, guests have to look at every single card and table in order to find their names and figure out where they are sitting. This causes everything to be backed up because it takes them so long to figure out where they are sitting. Instead, you need to list, or set up the cards by last name and in alphabetical order. That way guests can simply find their last name and look to see what table number or name that they are sitting at. If you have a wedding coordinator, email her a list of your seating assignments as well, in excel and also by LAST NAME not Table Numbers. That way he or she can help your guests find their seats easily without looking at every single table number until we find their name.

3) Not putting down a clear food legend when guests have a choice of entree: When couples give guest a choice of food, for example, beef or fish. They need to provide a clear and easy legend for the servers to see and to set the proper entree down in front of the guests. The legend can be stickers, crystals, different color or shape placecards. Which ever the choice, keep in mind that during dinner time the lights are typically dim, so it needs to be big enough so that the servers can see. Another common issue is with crystals. They are most commonly used, so if you decide to use different color crystals stay away from pastel colors since the colors are difficult to distinguish from one another when the lights are dim. If you are using the escort cards also as your place cards, you need to put up a sign to give guest instructions to place their card at their seats so that their servers can see their choice of entree.

Guest Blogger: Wynn Austin

Owner of Le Chic Wedding Consulting & Boutique. She is a highly sought after wedding designer and coordinator in San Diego. Her online boutique has attracted brides worldwide!

Again, a HUGE thanks to Wynn for sharing some GREAT wedding planning tips!!!
In just over 24 hours I will be a Mrs!!!
Can't wait!!!

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TexaGermaNadian said...

Who knew! :) Wishing you nothing but the best for tomorrow, girl! Really looking forward to seeing pictures from it all!!!

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