Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Last Name.

Mr. M and I have been "together" as it were for over five years... 

Mr. M and I snorkeling in South Padre, Texas
We've already gone through majority of the big changes a newly married couple experiences. 
The biggest change coming after we're married is my last name. 

I was curious so I logged on to Facebook to see how you go about changing your name on there...
You know, so that when the time comes I'll be ready of course. 

Facebook print screen
Turns out its as easy as clicking change under My Account -> Settings
Who knew?!?
I'm hoping getting used to a new last name in real life will be as easy as changing it on Facebook. 
Like I said, realistically it'll be the biggest change for us.

My last name will be growing. From 5 letters to 9. 
My sisters in law have joked that you learn to sign it in mostly squigglies because it's longer than what you're used to. :)

I'm VERY proud of my current last name. My father's name. My mother's name. 
It's who WE are. It's my family. 

Me with my brother and sister (one brother missing)
I'm VERY proud of my soon to be new last name. 
A good family. That's what everyone tells me. 
"You're marrying into the best family" they say. They're right. 

M. family picture
I'm very blessed. 
In my lifetime I have had the immense luck to be blessed with not one but two perfect last names. 
I CANNOT wait to join those two last names, two amazing families into ONE. 

In 7 days. One week. 

Wedding week here we come! :)

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Jessa said...

My signature looks like..loopy chicken scratch. I don't even sign my first name anymore, just my first initial and then something that sort of looks like our last name. I used to sign my name all pretty regardless of which one it was and now I just don't care. LOL

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