Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Week Guest Post - Monique of Oh Darling Bride

Hello lovelies! Today we have one of my favorite wedding bloggers guest posting for my wedding week off! :)
Monique of Oh Darling Bride
She is a South African lovely with some of the best wedding ideas!
Today she's here to share a GREAT photo station idea with us!
Please leave her some bloggie love as I prepare to become a MRS this weekend! :)

Here's Monique!!!

Crazy for Photo Stations 

Hi there, I'm Monique from Oh Darling Bride, a South African wedding blog for down-to-earth brides. It's such an honour to be guest blogging while Kassi gets married to her Mr (Yay Kassi!)

Today I'm sharing a practical idea my husband and I tried at our wedding and loved! I'm talking about photo stations, a super way to encourage guests to download their photos of your wedding and share them with you before they leave.

Here are a few photo station shots courtesy of our friends and family...

This is how we did it:

  • We set up our laptop (which has a built-in card reader) at the reception venue as a 'photo station.'
  • I asked my tech savvy brother to help our guests download their photos before they left.
  • Our guests downloaded their happy snaps throughout the evening.
  • We set the laptop on slide show and enjoyed cute wedding slides while dancing the night away. Brilliant!
  • We even got video footage of our first dance (which you can check out here)

While I highly recommend investing in professional photography, family and friends often capture those goofy poses and sweet moments you'll treasure. So if your friends and family pathological picture takers, set up a photo'd be mad not to!

Happy wedding planning :)


THANKS to Monique for sharing this AWESOME wedding idea with us!!! 
This is a GREAT way to round up all those photos taken during your day! :)
Have a great day friends!!!


Sara said...

that is a great idea! We set up a shutterfly account and got some great guest photos that way but I know there are a ton more we missed- a photo station would have been the perfect solution

Monique @Oh Darling Bride said...

Thanks for featuring me Kassi :)

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