Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Week Guest Post - Sarah of First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

For our final guest blogger in my wedding week away series, 

it is my pleasure to introduce you to 

Sarah of First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

Her's was the first wedding blog I ever followed and read loyally. 
I honestly went back through all of her posts... And still do! 
Months after her wedding, she can still surprise you with an AMAZING wedding recap! :)
I'm honored to have Sarah here to share one of my favorite blog posts about love.

Sarah, and her hubby Rob

It's not Twilight

I have been reading Kassi's blog from the beginning and from the beginning I knew that she and Nate had a wonderful connection & relationship. Not only do they have almost everything in common (seriously!) but they truly are best friends...supporters..hold each other up-ers...and the kind of couple you know is already a loving family. When Kassi asked me to guest post, I was so honored. Below is one of my posts about love...a regular everyday Love- just like Kassi and Nate's. Congratulations!!


I haven't read Twilight or seen any of the movies... 
I do know that it's a big rock I am hiding under but I am kinda 
Meh about the whole phenomenon...

My venue twin, Katerina at Girl with a Ring , posted this blog and simply asked us 
"Is Bella-and-Edward-esque passion something to strive for or to avoid? 
What is the healthy middle ground?" 
I got to thinking and realized that my comment in her comment box was 
becoming a novel... so I starting writing on my own in hopes to explore that 
passion in the context of my relationship.

That passion... the unrequited love, high drama, cant have it but cant live 
without it kind of energy... in my experience, that is a drug I happily avoid. 
That kind of "love" always builds me up and then destroys my soul...
as high as I am in the beginning it does not compare to the depth I have fallen 
when my insides are torn apart. 
A cycle of up and down and all around. 
My nature of the past was to seek out that drama- the angst- long term. 
Now- after a long time standing on my own- 
I have found a relationship with a man that three years later gives me 
a different kind of weak knees. 
I have found a solid partner. 
Someone who will lift me up when I am weak. 
Reminding me the whole time how to find my strength on my own. 
A dependable man that I am over the moon attracted to. 
Granted, every relationship has that part in the beginning, us included. 
the butterflies. the roller coaster of emotions. 
Maybe we even had it more so than other couples. 
But over time we decided we couldn't live in "that" passion any more. 
We took the topsy turvy drama of newness and turned it into a 
quiet passion...the kind where, 
when I look at him I know he will be the father of my children, 
the provider for our home, and loyal till I drift into the dark. 
I know that when we argue, we will make up. I know that when I'm sick, 
he'll bring home take out or make me tortellini soup the way my mom used to. 
I trust.
Trust is new for me. I have faith. 
I know that if I don't look good in an outfit, he will recommend something
else before I leave the house.  
(And he is brave enough to recommend it to me even if I'll feel 
bummed that I didn't look good in the first place) 
I close my eyes and know that one day, 
I will need him to help me with the not so glamorous stuff..
the rug pulled out from under us stuff that will come our way over the next 60 years. 
I know that some nights we will fall asleep laughing because someone farted. 
I know that some nights we will fall asleep crying because someone died. 
It is the kind of Love where I know that he knows my every worst quality...
and still says to himself..."yup that's ok with me". And I feel the same. 
It's not a Danielle Steele novel. It's not Shakespeare. And it's not Twilight.
It's more like "Up." It is committed Love. Decided love. 
Every day, thanks for doing the dishes and taking out the trash, Love.

Beautiful, right!!! Thank you Sarah!!! I love Sarah's writing. 
And all of my guest bloggers' writing! 
Thanks again to all who contributed while I was off marrying my Mister!!! 

I have recaps of items I made for the wedding, starting tomorrow!!
So please continue to stick around... ;)


Saying I do said...

so beautifully said! I love sarah's blog too...this was a refreshing read :)

Sara said...

you are so sweet! I didn't know that my blog was the very first wedding blog you followed, maybe you told me along the way and I've forgotten but WOW :-) It has been so sweet getting to know you online and be a part of your wedding journey! Can't wait till you come back and I get to read all about your big day and the beginning of your newlywed life. xoxo- Sara

About JollyJilly said...

Hi im a new follower from the blog hop
I really thought your blog was lovely
My daughter is getting married on 17th sep so we are wedding stressed right now lol
Please come over and visit my blog in the Uk

Alisha said...

So sweet! I never thought I wanted that whole twilight love thing anyway. It seems exhausting. I am very happy with "Up" love. :) Very nicely said.

Anna said...

Love this post and the comparison with the movie UP! :)

Also looking forward to Kassi's wedding updates! :)

Arya samaj said...
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