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Wedding Week Guest Post - Bethani of Cheers, Bethani

By the time you are reading this, we will be MARRIED!!!
Kassi and Mr. M will be Mr. AND Mrs. M!!! 
AS of yesterday of course! ;) 

As I continue my wedding week vacation from blogging...
I have a very good bloggie friend stopping by for a wedding week guest post today!

Miss Bethani of Cheers, Bethani!!!


She is a recently married lovely with a fabulous Etsy shop! 
Today she has some day of the wedding tips to share with us!!!
Please be sure to leave her some bloggie love friends! :)

Here's Bethani!!!

Hey everyone!  First of all I want to congratulate Kassi on the nuptials and hope nothing but the best for her and the groom! I’m so glad she has allowed me the opportunity to be a guest poster on her blog, and of all things, let me talk wedding talk.

The mister and I have been married little over a month (crazy I know!) and I couldn’t be happier.  We got married on April 30 in a quaint little country town with all our friends and family around. While the planning of any wedding can be extremely stressful and leaving everyone totally drained by the big day, there are a few bits of advice that I gathered from my day and the days, hours, minutes and seconds leading up to walking down the aisle that I hope I can pass on to brides to be, so they are able to focus all the attention on having the best day of their lives.  Your day will be a total blur, flashing before your very eyes, leaving you to think, “What just happened?!”

1. ) Eat!  Seriously!  
I know eating is the last thing most people think about, because they are running around like mad people, setting up, getting ready and basically freaking out.  Plus the butterflies and the nerves don’t help anything either.  But really, this is the simplest thing. Eat your meals as regularly as possible leading up to the big moment.  Even if it’s a snack, it’s something.  The worst thing is walking down the aisle, feeling flush, and then feeling like you are going to pass out while standing up there – no bride wants to pass out in front of everyone.  Also, during the reception, make sure you and your groom take that time to have your first meal together as husband and wife.  It really is the best moment, sitting there, taking it all in, and just eating together.  It may not seem like much now, but it’s nice to have that one “special” moment together, before all the dancing and partying begins.

       2.) Breathe! 
I learned this the day of.  So many people want to come in your room beforehand. They want to take pictures, and chit chat and hug you, blah blah blah.  
But this moment is all about you and your groom.   
It’s like a zoo!  Take time to just sit there with your eyes closed for just a few moments, with no one else around and breathe, deep breaths. It makes the world seem calm for just a few
             moments and allows you  to focus on all the important parts of getting ready & what’s about to happen in your life, this major commitment. Plus it gives you a minute to think about if you forgot anything super important, like a marriage license, or rings.

        3.) Don’t worry about the small things, no one will notice.  
I distinctly remember forgetting to wear my earrings during the pre ceremony photos.  After all that time searching for jewelry, I forgot to wear my earrings.  But no one noticed and the pictures turned out great.  No one notices if you forget your cake topper or you forget the toast.  No one notices the stuff we usually fret so much about.  So if it happens, just keep going, and don’t allow it to ruin your day.
         4.) Have fun!  
You’re probably thinking, duh I know that! But really, have the most fun you possibly can, because this is it folks.  I can’t tell you how much fun I had at my wedding.  I let all my guards down and just had fun.  I danced more than I ever danced in my life, and I
               can’t dance, and we had the best time ever with everyone else around living it up with us. We goofed off and partied like it was nobody’s
               business, and I  don’t regret a single moment of silliness.  You can’t get this moment back. Its happened and now it just a memory. I’m glad mine happened the way they did.  
You don’t want regrets or what ifs about your wedding.

Bethani and her hubby!!!! 
So those are my tips, well the most important ones that I can think of. I hope all of you that are getting married soon or planning to get married in the future, can take the little tidbits and put them to use on your big day, so your day can be the best day of you lives.

Thanks again to Kassi for letting guest post, and I hope she has the most AMAZING day of her life!


Thanks SO much Bethani, for sharing some AWESOME wedding day tips!!!
Hope you all are having a lovely weekend!!!

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