Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wedding Week Guest Post - Jamie of The Two Lovebirdies

 Hello lovelies! Today's wedding week guest poster is a sweet bloggie friend! 
The lovely Jamie of The Two Lovebirdies!!
Cute blog name right!?!?
She's going to tell you the biggest wedding secret that will make your day perfect!!
Oooh!!! Read on friends! :)
And please leave Jamie some bloggie lovin'! 

Here's Jamie!!!

Hi friends! I’m Jamie from The Two Lovebirdies and I’m thrilled to fill in some space for the sweetheart Kassi as she enjoys the buildup of her big day.

I married a foreigner. My husband Shehan is from Sri Lanka. Yeah. That tiny island below India is a gorgeous, vibrant country. I learned that.

We were engaged in April of 2009 with a gorgeous wedding in October of that same year.

It is so easy to get caught up in the perfection of your wedding day. What bride doesn’t want everyone to be happy, everyone to look perfect and every guest to gasp as he/she enters the reception? I had to make some serious decisions. The first was: I will enjoy my wedding day – no matter what. Laughter doesn’t cause makeup to run – tears do. Only tears of joy were invited that day. My other choice was to narrow down what I wanted most.

I knew exactly what that was. Beautiful memories. The very best way to keep the very best memories? A super talented photographer.

My photographer was the brilliant and lovely Dani Harding of Captured. By Dani Em who covers all of northern Utah and southern Idaho.
I have enjoyed her photographs of my beautiful marriage every single day.

Not only did I get unforgettable photo moments, I gained a new friend in Dani. I placed all the trust I could muster in her and she didn’t let me down.
I encourage every bride to go with the flow on her day – to pick one to three things you want most and be thrilled if only one goes as planned. You’ll have more opportunities to laugh, love and live a little. That’s the secret girls. Pick what you want most. Run with that.

For more info on how I pulled my wedding off in $6,000 see this post.

Didn't her pictures turn out just gorgeous! Looks like she chose well! :)  
Thanks Jamie for sharing the secret with us!!!
We've got one more wedding week guest poster stopping by to wrap things up tomorrow! 
Then I'll be back with some wedding day recaps! :)

Have a lovely day friends!!!

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Anna said...

I couldn't say it better myself. Nice post, Jamie! :)

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